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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


Nice stuff at Copro Gallery, in Santa Monica(CA), as the usual.

This time around works by Amy Sol, Nicoletta Ceccoli and Stela Im Hultberg are hung  on their walls.

Amy Sol

plumlit night



Nicoletta Ceccoli






Stella Im Hultberg


Graffiti video from SP-Brazil

Monday, October 19th, 2009

I recently uploaded my first video on youtube !


The artists are Nem , DMV, Dedo and Evol awesome writers from Sao Paulo.

Shot and edited by myself…hope you like it !

Stay tuned !

Copro Nason Gallery (CA)

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

This is one of my favorite galleries ever…even though I´ve never been there I always check their website to see what they´re up to since I found most of my favorite artists and discover a few others that I became a fan aswell there.

laurie-lipton_empress-of-death Such as Laurie Lipton.

jimmy-pickering-a-star_of_the_sea Jimmy Pickering

e2809cto-hold-down-the-one-with-the-heart-of-metalAnd Michael Page.

This month they have Dan May, Matt Dangler and Noferin exhibiting their artworks there!



Matt Dangler


Dan May



For more info check:

Ethos at Juxtapoz Magazine

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

I just saw on the website of the 400ml magazine, which I´m doing with a friend, that one of my favorite graffiti artists of all times, Claudio Ethos just had an exclusive interview with the guys at the Juxtapoz Mag, check it !

ethos45ethos10 ethos20


His style and creativity are so unique that makes me proud just to live in the same country as him! I can tell you that it´s amazing to walk on the streets and be faced wiht one of his works !

Ethos rullez!!!

News from Rotterdam !

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Just had a chat with my pal and amazing artist, Yusk . Who´s in Holland / Rotterdam to paint an enormous building with some other brazilian artists such as Ramon Martins and Dalata.

I went to Yusk´s blog  to find more about this project and all we can see so far is some shots of the exterior ready to be painted and the blueprint of the building, that used to be a factory but now is a building filled with design offices and advertising agencies inside.


The red marked part is where he´s supposed to be painting in a few days. Can´t wait to see it done!

And still on his blog you´ll see a historical shot of him and … guess who ???

Martha Cooper !!! Who´s touring all around  to promote and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary book Subway Art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant !


Still in Rotterdam, she went to the Street Science Festival and put up some amazing shots of it on her blog at the 12ozprophet website.


bcooper6486-600x370 ” While Street Science workshops, panels and battles were happening inside Watt, artists from around
the world were painting the wall outside the building. ”

mcooper2 “Only problem—permission had been requested but
not granted. Apparently some neighborhood residents called the cops.”

mcooper “(…) Painting continued. Round one goes to: artists!”

“…the 2nd annual Street Science festival organized
by Hip Hop Huis. This year’s theme celebrated the past, present and future of Hip Hop through
performances, workshops, battles, panels and after parties. ”



“Hip Hop’s founding father, DJ Kool Herc rocked the house ‘til da break of dawn at the Brand New
Old School Party held at Watt on Saturday night, the highlight of the Street Science Festival.”


Words and photos by Martha Cooper.

Check’em all here !

Sliks’ blog !

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

The artist Prakrti (also known as Sliks) had been posting some beautiful arts including  beautiful nature inspired canvas, graffitis and his new works on wood and garbage that he finds on the streets and paints to express his support to recycling !





He also sent me some awesome flicks of his latest works.




More of Prakrti’s on his blogspot.


Keep thinking green !

Graffiti Fine Art at MUBE in SP/Brazil.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Last week the Mube ( Brazilian Museum of Esculpture) oppened its doors to the Graffiti art of nine talented artists of the street art scene.

Binho, Does, Dalata were the first three to show their works at the walls of the museum .

imgp20311The entrance

imgp2032 imgp2033 imgp2035 DALATA

imgp20371 DOES

imgp2040 BINHO


The first to catch your eyes getting inside the museum was BINHO.


imgp1967 Right next to him was DOES.


imgp1973 Detail of his legendary wild style.

imgp1969 imgp1992

Next to it was DALATA. One of my favorite graffiti artists of all times!


Who painted the most impressive work I´ve seen on a wall lately.

imgp1976 imgp1978 imgp1979


imgp1983 imgp1982


imgp19851 imgp1990

Crazy details fills his works with figures and faces.


imgp1987 imgp1989 imgp1988

The next three to present are Anjo, Graphis and Cern from  NYC . And after them Chivitz, Nove and Presto.


Keep tuned !

More from Cambuci/Sao Paulo/Brazil

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

A few more photos I took on the walk through one of my favorite places on earth, Cambuci!


Where the beauty of the graffitis mixes with the ugliness of poverty and violence and homeless people, it makes you feel that you are living in a real world, and is not so pretty but not that bad at all !

imagem-307 imagem-308

It still has so many amazing things to offer, works like that coming from people who lives this reality every day proves how bigger than we know is the capability of the human being to improve itself to achieve greater things, no matter what, where or who !


imagem-304 OsGemeos, Lixomania

A cop came to me and said : ” I´m warning you YOU´RE GONNA GET MUGGED! You should put your camera away or you will get mugged! ”

imagem-310 imagem-309

When people realized we were photographing the graffitis they just looked at us and let us do what we were doing, I think they felt we were connected somehow, on the streets respect has a hole different meaning, you gotta be real to stay real !


imagem-279 Nove

imagem-281 OsGemeos


imagem-282 Finok

imagem-305 OsGemeos, Finok, Ise

My most favorites are the works from OsGemeos back in the days…these are treasure for the graffiti fanatics!

A masterpiece inside Cambuci !

imagem-320 OsGemeos




imagem-338 OsGemeos, Flip

imagem-322 Vitché

imagem-323I love this one by Vitché! Old is cool and beautiful !!!

imagem-327 imagem-3281 imagem-329

imagem-330 imagem-333

imagem-336OsGemeos, Flip


I´m such an admiror of this talented couple, Jana Joana and Vitché, this is an old one that I found around the streets of Cambuci, amazing as always!

imagem-374 imagem-375

imagem-376 Jana Joana & Vitché

imagem-378 imagem-377


imagem-380 imagem-381

And this is a new one, unfinished. Right next to the wall painted by the artists Cekis and Grim, from Chile.


imagem-343 Vitché

imagem-342 imagem-349 Jana Joana

You can see the photos on a bigger size on my flickr.

Keep your roots strong!

Cekis and Grim in Brazil !

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Gladly our country is known for having the most incredible graffitis around the world, and thanks for that most of the best artists of the streets come down here to be part of that and contribute to our open air gallery!

Among the kings of the graffiti art there´s two artists from Chile, not really sure if they´re both were born there, but still they represent another country with some of these amazing talents and graffitis on the streets, I´m talking about the masters GRIM and CEKIS.


Who recently visited our blessed country and chaotic city, Brazil – Sao Paulo. And, luckly for us, painted on one of the best ‘street galleries’, which is the neighborhood where  OsGemeos live, called Cambuci.

Always pays off to go there !


imagem-289 part of Zefix


imagem-294 Ise imagem-293 Finok

imagem-302 Cekis, Grim and Nunca



imagem-296 imagem-297

imagem-3033 Nunca, OsGemeos


Took a lot of pics and had the visual pleasure to see an awesome pannel from Cekis and Grim together!


imagem-353 imagem-370

imagem-365 imagem-363

imagem-360 imagem-358

imagem-361 imagem-362


Keep’em coming!


Friday, February 20th, 2009

I´ve been working on the 400ml mag, so I haven´t had much time to take care of other things…but I´ve been missing here so much…so I´ll give you a little preview of what I´ve been doing lately.


I recently went to meet my good old friend who turned into one of the best hip hop Djs that we have here in Brazil right now, producing with the best Mcs around and kicking ass on the beats.

So I went to check his performance at the  club Studio SP, that has arts all over the place, very cool stencil, stickers and graffiti artists decorated it and turned into a gallery night club, that always have awesome performances, like Dj Mako himself, and others.


Check out his Myspace!

Miss G

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