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Nawlz is now available on iPad!

Monday, September 12th, 2011

BAMN! The Nawlz ipad comic has hit itunes…  The first episode is FREE!! Waste no time, GO GET NAWLZY, get touchy, and feely, and swipey, tilt it, pinch it, pan it, shake shake shake it, the Nawlzy world will react in new ways that make perfect sense.

After one year of custom developing our own special tech for porting flash to iPad, we’ve discovered that the ipad was indeed designed for Nawlz.  And so many people were asking, why didn’t you use the flash ipad packager? Well, the reason is, the packager kinda sucks and I got a grant from Film Victoria that allowed me to do things my way, how I like to do it. We have created the ultimate Nawlz to iPad engine!   Tell your friends, share the video, pump that shit out there for me, so I can start porting season 2 asap!

Nawlz Episode #7 – ‘Grey Matter’ is now online!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Go to

In this episode, Suckers-Ill Magazine reports on the state of Nawlz youth and their wayward consciousness in an exclusive interview with AI psychological intelligence expert Mr. Bliss. Meanwhile, Harley’s mind can’t handle much more than a casual beer. He heads down to MoCuts Delicatessen to catch up with The Bosh and Jonnie-jon for some early evening brain lubrication.

I’m really enjoy the sloshy pirate dub that has become the Mo Cuts tune. Might have to get Jordo to evolve this into a full track. Eh Jordo? *nudge*nudge

Thanks to the usual suspects Jordan King: Sound and Music, Sinuso Dial: Additional Sounds, Duncan Gates: Crackhead programming.

Birds on Oak

Saturday, November 20th, 2010
Honeyeater - by Scott Neoh
Honeyeater – by Scott Neoh

“That painting’s upside down”  someone remarked.  No, the bird’s upside down.  Once you figure this out, it does make you wander about the composition of all the other bird portraits.  They’re very deliberate.

I dropped by the opening of Scottie Neoh’s ‘Birds on Oak’ exhibition last night.  I wasn’t surprised to see three of the paintings had sold in the first fifteen minutes of the doors opening. Scottie has an eye for painting animals and capturing their characteristics beautifully.  He’s an avid birdwatcher and if you get a chance, be sure to ask him about the birds featured.   “The blue wren has a terribly short attention span, like it has ADD,” he tells me “It can’t stand in the one place for longer than a few seconds. Whereas the kookaburrow – which I prefer –  can sit in the one place all day practising it’s song.”  I explained to him that I often have little birds come perch on my windowsill and tap on the glass.  “Yeah yeah,” he laughs “thats probably a blue wren.  They hop around tapping at their reflection.”

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a recurring motif of wood, branches, leaves and other artifacts from nature finding their way into Melbourne galleries.  Are the artists reacting to one another and merely embracing a ‘natural’ aesthetic or is there a collective unconscious yearning – amongst the city dwelling artist- for the country? I can’t speak for all the other artists but for Scott, the depictions of nature in his work could be drawn from any view from his home.  He’s not a city kid.

Scottie lives in the sticks, about an hour out of Melbourne on a 50 acre block.  His friends out there are the animals that frequent the surroundings of his little mud brick cottage.  He was telling me that earlier this week he opened his living room blinds in a flash to see a 6ft kangaroo standing a meter away.  The kangaroo was paused in it’s tracks staring him down with it’s arms flexed infront of it like a bodybuilder.”It’s arm were built!” he told me.  I knew what he meant, I remember seeing a roo in Queensland that had such defined biceps it looked like it had been doing push-ups all day.  The roo outside Scottie’s window didn’t cause any trouble, it soon hopped on about it’s business.

‘Birds on Oak’ is showing until the December 1st.  I recommend you go check it out and then you go bird watching.

Aung San Suu Kyi is FREE!!!!

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

What a great day and about bloody time!!! After hearing the amazing news of the release Aung San Suu Kyi -Burmese political prisoner of 15 years – I decided to put my Sunday afternoon to good use. I went to the OBEY website and downloaded Shepard Fairey’s amazing portrait poster of Aung. *NOTE Shepard encourages anyone to download this poster and put it to good political use. GET BUSY PEOPLE! I added a message to the bottom of the poster and had it printed 6xA0 size and then taped it to the footpath of Melbourne’s busiest meeting area, Federation Square. The response was awesome!

This Burmese couple were so happy about the news they came up and thanked me for posting. So stoked!

Aung San Suu Kyi Street Art, Melbourne

This little guy was well in to it. Take a good look buddy this lady is a living legend!

Aung San Suu Kyi Street Art Support, Melbourne

I actually posted it in two different places. I tried to post it next to the performance of a street busker. He was bohemian looking guy so I thought he would have been cool about it BUT NO. Instead, he threatened to burn my poster with his juggling torche! The crowd of a couple of hundred people started booing him. AWESOME response Melbourne!!!!! I ended up moving the poster just beside the crowd and WAY more people paid attention to it. So thanks a lot you busking douche bag!

Even this cleaner didn’t have a problem with it. The cleaners and the security were actually really cool about it…

Aung San Suu Kyi Street Art Support, Melbourne

So far it’s managed to stay there for over five hours. Fingers crossed it stays there for a lot longer!

Aung San Suu Kyi Street Art, Melbourne

Please keep in mind, this isn’t the first time Aung has been released. She was released one time before and that release was supposed to be unconditional – the Burmese government changed their mind. More pressure needs to be put on the Burmese government to NOT change their mind again and to release the remaining political prisoners! In the spirit of Shepard Fairey’s free download, I’ve also made my adapted poster of his (with added political message) also available for download here

experiments in anti gravity…

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

After discovering an anti-gravity pocket in my back alleyway my mind has become obsessed with the concept.

I’ve been dreaming about it…

I also dreamt about the first person to fly…

I want to find more anti gravity pockets…

and do more anti gravity experiments…

This last one’s a nod to Moebius.

Meanwhile it seems the frogs have discovered an anti gravity pocket too (courtesay of Fitz)…


New Nawlz iz up peeple!!!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

After a recent abduction, hijacking of brain and reinsertion of freqon technology, Harley’s mind now grapples with an onslaught of the subconscious kind. Twisted images of buildings crumbling upon themselves enter his dream world along with other unwanted guests.

This episode was bought to you by the letter T – for tripppppppy. I tried to go about this episode with very unconventional approach. Not that Nawlz has much in the way of a conventional approach as it is. But. usually I do have a bit of a plan. Not this time. NO! This time all plans were thrown out the window as I drew, animated and programmed all at once. I wanted to see where it would take me. Ultimately this experimental approach, resulted in me putting my own brain through the blender as I tried to figure out what the hell I was doing. Alas, it seems to have turned out alright. And the bugs are dead. Or are they? Fuck, I hope they are. Those goddamn bugs. They were feeding on my mind!

BIG THANKS to Duncan Gates for his genius programming skills. Remember that scene where all those people grind together in a grimey mess… that was Dunc! Nice one! Also thanks to Jordan King as per usual for his skin wrenching sounds. I highly recommend putting the head phones on and blasting your ears off! Go get Nawlzy people!

“It looks like the lovechild of Escher and Giger. Having a nightmare. On acid.” – says Dischordias Nightmare

For more frequent updates check us on the Nawlz Facebook page…

New NAWLZ is up!

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Episode #5 – Late Night Paranoia Engine is now online at Also check out the Nawlz blog for some behind the scenes imagery and trivial futuristic rantings. And follow the NAWLZ community rambling here…!/thenawlz?ref=ts


Thanks to Jordan King and Matthew Tierney for Sound and Rod Wong for additional coloring.

The Militant Days…

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

I used to work for the Australian military designing pilot training programs. Well, that was what I was s’pose to be doing anyway, but in fact a lot of time was spent just messing around as we waited for the bureaucrats to make up their minds. This is a mecha robot I slapped together out of MRH-90 helicopter parts. I thought it’d make a nice Speakerwrath cover. The military is a strange beast. Millions of dollars are spent on research and training projects that will never see the light of day. I was sitting in a room with 30 other computers that were never used for an entire year. The project I was working on is forecast for release in 2012 and I spoke to one of the programmers who is still working there and he said the project hadn’t progressed since I left a year and a half ago. Unbelievable! I’m convinced they spend the money merely to justify getting the same budget the following year. The reason why the chopper is called MRh-90 is because it was designed in 1990. That says a lot. Australia bought a fleet from the company Eurocopter back in 2005 and I started working on the training program in 2007. I was fortunate enough to present our prototype training program to the head of the German Army’s training technology centre. Despite my own feeling that our program was going no where he said it was a hell of a lot better than theirs – which they’d been working on for over 5 years. The problem for them is every piece of training has to get approved by four nations, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. That’s a lot bureaucratic hoop jumping. Then when you look under the hood (so to speak) you discover the chopper is actually compiled of parts produced by a bunch of different companies. Rolls Royce make the engine, Boeing makes the cooling system, while someone else makes the seat belts etc etc The problem then is, all of these separate companies are probably quite capable of building the entire helicopter themselves and of course they’d love to because it’s such a lucrative contract, so this situation perpetuates a reluctance to share any information about the parts in case that information gets into the hands of the competitor. This reluctance then of course stifles us, as we need that information to be able to create any training material. Yadda yadda yadda thus creating the vicious cycle of zero progress.

I did hang out with a sniper for a day. That was a highlight. Apparently he could always shoot within 4mm of his target, even in the wet. He was the most relaxed person I’ve ever met. He had his hand up to go to Timor. I asked him why he wanted to go so bad and he tells me “So I can buy a house when I get back”. When you go to war you don’t have to pay taxes and you receive a huge pay increase. I felt so naive. I had completely overlooked that as reason as to why people would want to go to war.

Here’s a few MRH-90 designs…

The chopper was very cool though. The exterior was made out of a plastic composite that was filled with a liquid so if the chopper got shot, the liquid would become exposed to air and immediately solidfy. Thats some guyver shit right there.

Anyways enough rambling. Time to get back to drawing the Nawlz.

NAWLZ Ep #4 – Raw Analogue is now live!

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Check it out at

What really happens when you deadlight? You force you’re brain circuitry into an artificial flux to the point of overload. It’s like switching on a thousand light bulbs at once.  Then one day they all blow and they’re not so easy to replace. You’re brain is stripped back to a basic operatiing level and reduced to primal instinct, what I call, the Raw Analogue.  – Harley Chambers

First day back at work, Harley takes to the seedy streets of Metzer Lane to escape the suffocating stillness of his mundane apartment.

New Nawlz episode is now live!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Season 2, episode 3 “Skyman Seeks” – visit

Here’s a little synopsis: The Mad Bionix forums have lit up.  Everybody’s asking, who’s responsible for the train crash?  Meanwhile up in the hills of the Nawlz District 5 Greenbelt, Skyman receives an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night.

Mad props go out to Hiroyasu Tsuri for his incredible Skyman illustrations. This collaboration made my job way more exciting. It’s always nice to see how someone interprets your story.  And usually I’m not too excited about colouring, but this made my job way more interesting.

Hiroyasu Versus Sutu  (Or Skyman Vs Roof Wells)

Also, BIG thanks to Michael Fitzgerald (my good ol’ astro physicist buddy – the guy’s a goddam geniass) for his help co-writing the “Awakening Sphere” Theory.  You’ll be hearing more about that as the story moves along… oh yes.  Check out Fitz’s blog here.

Also a BIG thanks to Garry Cotton for his help colouring the city scenes.  I learnt a lot a lot of cool lighting tricks during these little jams sessions…


Nawlz combines text, illustration, music, animation and interactivity to create a never before seen panoramic comic format—one that tells the story of Harley Chambers as he kicks through the futuristic City of Nawlz, engaging in overlaying virtual realities, mind-bending drugs and other strange techno-cultures. Created by illustrator and interactive designer Stu Campbell (a.k.a. Sutu), and first launched in late 2008, the interactive cyberpunk adventure series has broken new ground exploring how the Internet can provide immersive story experiences. ‘Season 1: Distortion Reigns Supreme,’ consisting of 14 episodes/issues delivered throughout 2008-2009 (providing roughly 2 hours of reading/viewing), resulted in a Webby Award and an FWA award.

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