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Aya Takano

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

A members of  Takashi Murakami’s Kaikia Kiki Aya Takano blends Manga, pop and science fiction into an innocently erotic vision of her sometimes hectic Japanese surroundings into some truly amazing artwork. Images and video cutesy of Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin.

YouTube Preview Image


Swim” 2006
Acrylic on canvas
/ Acrylique sur toile
28 3/4 x 35 3/4 Inches / 72,8 x 91 cm
Summoning her owls, she looked yonder. The buildings shone.” 2007
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile
6.4 x 8.5 Feet / 194 x 259 cm / 194 x 259 cm

The code of the wild, and the tremendous face of clouds.” 2007
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile
5.11 x 7.5 Feet / 181,8 x 227,3 cm
Truck F” 2006
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile
23 3/4 x 28 3/4 Inches / 60,5 x 73 cm
Noshi and Megu, on Earth, year 2036” 2002
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile
35 3/4 x 29 inches / 91 x 73,5 cm
Kyoto sky” 2004
Acrylic on canvas / Acrylique sur toile
51 1/4 x 63 3/4 Inches / 130 x 162 cm

Mark and Vaughn

Monday, December 14th, 2009
YouTube Preview Image

Putting some very serious brain time into a Cartoon Concert tour of Australia with Mark. More news soon hopefully.

New Work by Dalek

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Daleks recent work has seen a focus on the development of the background elements seemingly engulfing the Space Monkey as the focus. Elements of the iconic character can still be seen, Albiet in a purely abstract form.

Keep up to date with Daleks work here.

I’ve got an interview with Dalek coming up in the next issue of Acclaim mag, keep an eye out.


Such is life ~ Interview with Reka and Yok

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


picture-41Reka and Yok have been two infamous names in Australian street art for the better part of a decade. Emerging at roughly the same time while walking distinctively different paths.

With projects such King Brown Magazine, commissioned artwork and design as well as solo shows Yok has made a name as a solitary icon, while Reka as part of Everfresh studio and with a strong focus on graffiti , canvases and curating exhibitions such as Letterheads is a prolific and community based artist.

Both have contributed immensely in the several past years and this show represents a convergence of  two ends of the Australian street art scene.

With “Such is Life” launching tomorrow at Green Wood Gallery i caught up with Reka and Yok for a short interview.

What’s the rationale behind this show?

R – Ive been wanting to do an Australiana themed show for a while but didn’t know what angle to take. It can easily be tacky and cliche. Aussies love Bushrangers, why not explore the reasons why. The Bushranger image is very iconic and translates across in many ways. I found it a fun and interesting theme to work with. I actually did allot of research into all of the other Bushrangers. I didn’t want this show to be a focus on just Ned Kelly. Yok and I have been wanting to collaborate on this scale for a while. It was only a matter of time.

Y – It’s great working with talented artists it pushes you that bit further to produce your best work.

A commonality that I’ve noticed between the two of you has been a marked development in your styles, becoming more abstract, less street. If this something your aware of, forced or gradual?

Y – It’s definitely something i’m aware of, i think its just comes from pushing myself, trying new things, experimenting, it’s always evolving, keeps things fresh and interesting.

R – A little bit forced but mainly gradual. As an artist you are constantly evolving. The last few years I have been separating my style for the street and my style for my artwork. I find that artwork lets me explore allot of areas that my street work cant. especially technique. The same process applies to both though.

Is this movement away from street the reason that your incorporating your first name into the exhibition for the first time Reka?

R – Yeah. Your pretty clever!

picture-3What are your thoughts on street art today, do you think that your artwork is developing separately to mural work as an independent style?

Y – Street art today? That’s a hard one, i think it’s kind of over, it’s past it’s peak too many people are jumping onto it.  I still love it. It’s great to see some art work when you walk to the shops, just a little sign of life, some evidence that not all people are in their borrows watching TV all day.

R – I think street art is going in a different direction to when I was in the thick of it. There has been allot more media coverage on street art and graffiti in the last few years. I think everyone’s finally realizing that its a form of art, and that its a pretty amazing form of self expression.

How many pieces are in the show?

R – bout 30-35 I think.

picture-21Y – About 15 framed works on water color paper and about 12 unframed pieces, and maybe a wooden Bushranger, named after my friends great grand father that was a ridgy dige Bushranger Ben Hall.

“Such is life” the infamous last worlds of an infamous Australia criminal. What made the two of you want to celebrate Australia’s criminality?

Y – I love a good story about the underdog, some one that shakes up the authorities a bit A kind of Robin Hood Story. When Kelly robbed the bank at Jerilderie, they impersonated police officers, took some hostages and keep them amused with drinks on the house. Made off with 2000 pounds and burned the towns mortgage deeds, so the townfolk didn’t have to pay back the loans. Classic. A lot of great folk lore and tales come from these times and my work shows a story in progress, like you’ve stepped into something and are witnessing whats taking place, usually the bushrangers plans coming unstuck. It deals with the ideas of Karma in subtle ways, as the long arm of the law is not far behind the bearded outlaws.

R – I think everyone is interested in the underworld, crime, murder and anything “illegal”. That’s why there are so many TV shows and movies. Martin Scorsese has made a career out of examining the underworld. I think we are actually more interested in the people behind the crime and not the crime itself. What would drive a person to do the crime. A great theme to explore visually.

One armed knife fight.. Ned Kelly vs Chopper, who would win.

R – Most prob Chopper. I reckon Ned was only good with his shooters.

Y – Kelly for sure u can’t stab through metal plating, unless he gets him in the eye slot, but i’ve got my money on Kelly.

Such Is Life

Opens at GreenWoodGallery today at 6pm.
1 Hotham St, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205, Australia
Phone: + 61 3 9682 3205
Hours: Wed-Sun 11-5


Cognitive Dissident.

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