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Archive for February, 2008

Kill Pixie ~ Everythings A-OK ~ show on tonight

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

At Until Never.
See you there.


That’s why I love Sao Paulo !

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Miss G hanging out with the boys…my good friend RG who’s a decor artist, decided to go on the streets and start to paint, and the always great Musta Horoiwa !


Musta in process.

Promessa _ RG

“Promess” – by RG . The first graff that he ever did…keep it UP man !!! 

There was this circular wall done by some guys that I think you´d like to see, so here it is:


Sliks ! I love his tags! Fat cap Master!


Bugre ! Rockin it out!

Bugre n Sliks_roosevelt

Bugre (on detail) and Sliks.

It was behind some bars, so it was a bit hard for me to get the pics…


Funto (on detail) another great artist we have here,  with Bugre (detail) and Sliks.

After a walk around the Roosevelt square…I came back to check on my boys…


RG done another great job! It says :” Want everything…wait nothing”


Musta´s ‘golden’ work finished! In BIG style!

And a big up to Nem and Nick who ‘gave their wall’ to Musta, such nice guys!

 This dirty, smelly and poor place incredibly brings me NICE FEELINGS !!!

And there´s a lot more to show from there…soon!

Keep it Nice!

The only place to eat..

Sunday, February 17th, 2008


PUZLE website up

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Graffiti legend, artist, designer and damn fine fellow with whom its always a pleasure to work , Puzle. Has just put his new site up.

Check it out here.

Also check out his design site, right here.


Trigger Finger Tonight

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

triggerfinger_flyer_landscape.jpgOpening Night for Trigger Finger exhibition, an insightful exploration of gun and weapon themes in contemporary life by UK artist Emma Crisp.

Crisp’s work explores the glamorisation and recent surge of popularity of gun culture, searching for the fine line where the image of a weapon shifts from contemporary design element to a representation of violence and war.

‘Uni-verso’:brazilian street art’s upcoming exhibition

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

The artists SLIKS, ENIVO & JERRY are putting together a collective exhibition of their unique, and still unified, artwork.

Uni-versos flyer


Oppening : February 12th at 8 p.m.

The collective exhibition “Uni-verses” comes with the purpouse of unifying the “universe” created by each artist through themes in common, such as: energy, love, infinity, timeless and nature.

Sliks_wall Sliks on the streets.

Resulting in “verses” expressed through visual poetic portrayed individually by each artist, each with its own characteristics and composition technique.

enivo_wall Enivo on the streets.

Taking aim to build a harmonius enviroment and pleasant to the eyes of the observers that comes to gaze upon the exhibition, departing from the mundane present to an infinite imaginary “universe”.

Jerry_wall Jerry on the streets.


A big up to all the members of the 321 crew ! ” Break a leg”, guys !

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch.

Sunday, February 10th, 2008


Scans of polariods found laying around the studio from the old Rancho Days on my Slam Blog. Check it here.

Miss G’s Nice way of living…!

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

And as a bonus, I got to watch a ‘live painting’ by the masters!

This is another part of that wall on my previous post that they painted on that day… I was sitting there, drinking beer, taking some photos while the guys did all the hard work! Isn´t that nice ?!

 Nick & Musta in process…

Musta & Nick in process_1

Musta – such a young guy doing such incredible paintings… it´s surreal to watch him doing it ! One of my favourite artists here and one of our best ones too, definetely !

Musta_ process         


Nick – from lettering to drawing…he´s dope! An amazing artist and such an admirable person! Who has been a great reference for a lot of guys on the brazilian’s graffiti scene.

Nick in process

They decided to go with gold on this section…

Musta & Nick in process_2

And I absolutely looooved it !!!

Nick and Musta - 2008


How can you NOT ???  Take a look at it…


This red fish by Nick is so damn sick !


And these tiny details in Musta´s work is out of this world !



You are so nice to me ! And received me so well ! I´ve got nothing but good feelings for you guys!


The walls of Eastside of SP !

Friday, February 8th, 2008

It´s Carnival time in Brazil !

Which means: 4 days to party hard,watch parades and dance ‘samba’ !

…or for these 2 great guys and amazing artists called Nick & Musta is to enjoy a sunny day, drink as many beers as we can and paint until the sun comes down ! 

So they invited me into their hood … to see a project they did with their friends, last year, that consisted in dividing a huge wall in 8  panels painted only in black, white and red.

And here are some shots of the badass wall they did !

-Retos & Musta –

Retos & Musta

– Shock & Nick –

Shock_ Nick

-Roko & Musta –

 Roko & Musta

– Musta & Ephi –

Musta + Ephi

 – Nem & Nick –

Nem & Nick

 Nem on detail / Nick on detail

– Anjo & Téia & Nick – Anjo + Téia + Nick

 Anjo on detail


-Musta & Ignore- 

Musta & Ignore

 Musta on detail / Ignore on detail

– Musta & Nick –Musta + Nick

Big up to all the TK and Vip Crew’s members! 

And everyone else who joined them to make this amazing project becomes such a dope wall !   

Coming up next…Musta & Nick in action !

Trembled Blossoms, James Jean, Prada animation.

Thursday, February 7th, 2008


Check the Prada site for the animation.


Cognitive Dissident.

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