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Archive for May, 2009

Kill Pixie “I’ll hit you up tomorrow” at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, L.A

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Kill Pixie is launching his latest show, “I’ll hit you up tomorrow” this Saturday in L.A.

The opening reception will be hosted by actor Tim Roth played out by band Autolux.

Anyone whose around head down and check it out, looking to be a good show, and a chance to get your hands on some of KP’s latest work. at MERRY KARNOWSKY GALLERY, 170 S. LA BREA AVENUE (IN THE ART 170 BUILDING) L.A

KP sent a couple of previews, looking good.

Record Time

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


As a follow up to the Refill 7 show, Luca Ionescu, designer, typographer and art director brings us Record time, an exhibition of lasered vinyl time pieces

24 local and international artists, designers and Typographers explore the notion of time by laser etching and cutting their art on vinyl records.

Alife . Andrew Van Der Westhuyzen . Arbito . Alex Trochutt . Andy Howell . Bigfoot . Ben Brown . Cody Hudson . Dan Funderburgh . Deb . Eric Elms . Jeremy Hollister . Joseph Allen . Jeremyville . Jonathan Zawada . Kid Acne . Kelvin Ho . Luca Ionescu . Matt French . Michael C Place . Michael Leon . Marok . Phibs . Tilt . Todd Bratrud.

Some highlights from the show.
Matt French
Ben Brown
Jonathan Zawada
Eric Elms
Luca Ionescu
Limited edition pieces are available at

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Found this image when i was cleaning up my desktop.
Meggs & Drewfunk / Early Jan 2007 Malaysia.


.: Idealistically Hypocritical 2 by OGI :.

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

OGI a.k.a Ryuichi Ogino solo Exhibition.

” Idealistically Hypocritical 2 ” at Amp Cafe , Tokyo







Ryuichi Ogino is born in Tokyo in 1978. He grew up surrounded by Japan’s pop culture (anime / manga such as Gundam and Nausicaa, video games like Final Fantasy series, and all kinds of related merchandises, as well as; mostly imported from the US, fashion and music). Most notably, snowboarding, a trend well packaged and marketed as an alternative lifestyle, made a huge impact on Ogino, that it became his primary reason to go study in Colorado after finishing high-school in Japan.

Ogino attended a language school, then a college in Denver, CO. Then he moved to Oakland, CA to study at CCA (California College of the Arts). He graduated CCA majoring in Illustration in 2004, though around this time, he begun to question the gap between fine arts and illustration. His examination, along with the shift in his thought process – from seeking originality elsewhere to finding original voice through introspection – led him to realize that his passion is not in illustrating.

Upon his return to Tokyo in 2005, he quickly begun to see hyper-consumerism and its lack of context within as two major issues among Japan’s contemporary youth culture. And to counter those issues, he started to create art works that are based on “Out of the Context Mash-up” For instance, Ogino has been presenting triptych paintings in which each three panels represents different context of visual communications such as minimalism, pop culture, and decorative pattern. By intentionally placing different context right next to each other, Ogino tries to bring contrast between those contexts, asking viewers to reexamine them.

For more check

King Brown #5 Launch at Gorker

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Good to be back, kissing hands and shaking babies.

The one Australian art magazine that has maintains a steady rate of awesomeness, with the dopest content, styling and above all consistency is King Brown Magazine by The Yok, a.k.a Yokadile Dundee or the Silver Crested Yokatoo, who despite his absence managed to throw together a tight little launch last Thursday at Gorker. Here’s some shots.
Bonsai, out of the woordwork
Rone busting the mad spirograph style

King Brown will be on our online store in the next couple of weeks, more news soon.

KR ~ Moscow

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Shots from his recent trip to Moscow are up on KR’s 12Oz Blog, including insane subway photos.firexruswallwperson-600x434sashadetail11

Who is the bigger intellectual property asshole?

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Who is the bigger intellectual property asshole?

Is it the artist who has amassed a small fortune based on “appropriation” yet still sends cease and desist letters to other artists for appropriating his work? Or is it the largest (and only) US based nationally-oriented news service which fails to recognize “fair use” even when it literally stares them in the face?

Read more to find out… after the jump.

Miyamura Gen

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

A traditionally trained Japanese calligrapher Miyamura Gen has developed the ancestral techniques into his own expression of minimal abstraction in which textural motif interplay within sweeping movements to create the most impressive, minimal yet most undeniably hardcore style.

For more check Gens’ site

1000 x 1530 – Flame – 2008
700 x 1400 – Reverberation – 2008

700 x 1400 – Black vestige – 2007

100 x 700 – Subjet – 2007                                                    100 x 200 – Soak – 2007
1000 x 2100 – Foura – 2004

I recently met Gen through his collaborative work with Tokyo designer Shun Kawakami whose work is also well worth checking out.


Friday, May 15th, 2009



‘Intrinsic Nature’ is an exhibition of paintings by Sydney based artist Beastman (Brad Eastman). Using acrylic and ink on wood, his new intricately detailed, tight and colourfully patterned artworks further explore a parallel world of scaly skinned, bold outlined, beast-like characters gripped by fear, anger, stress, lust, jealousy, confusion and paranoia. Heraldry, symmetry, folklore, nature and the ocean are themes which are becoming more and more evident in his latest work. This is Beastman’s third solo exhibition, he has also exhibited artwork in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, New Zealand, London and Germany over the last few years.


Friday, May 15th, 2009

JR just sent through images of his latest show in Rio, simply dope. Makes me wonder who the fuck is paying for all this? Not that it matters.

As always check JR-Art for more news.



Cognitive Dissident.

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