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David Haines – The cyber Mythologies

Havent been able to post as much as I want lately but have been doing some nice things that Ill be telling all about it here soon!

For starters…looking for a job the other day I just ran into it at a gallery I didnt know about…and saw these works by DAVID HAINES -who I also never heard before but it didnt take a second to make me become an admiror of his surreal (so real!) artwork!

david haines

Surprised as much as shocked ! Amazing big canvases, a work of m agic with a pencil on paper, much respect and admiration!
david haines
My awful, but still worthed to, shot from my cel phone of my favorite piece.

david haines

A nice detail from this one.

david haines

david haines

Not all of these works are at the Luisa Strina Gallery, where the show is happening here in SP until June 21st.

See the works in exhibition here.

Keepin it on ! Peace !!!

4 Responses to “David Haines – The cyber Mythologies”

  1. dope

  2. muito bom…..


  3. Holy moley! The artwork is just… I mean, dear God, it’s just pencil and paper… I’m pretty much speechless! If I could draw half as well… dope find, Miss*G and thanks!

  4. Glad you guys liked it !!!

    *alan, it´s pretty much the same feeling I got when I saw it ! Pnecil and paper on huge canvases with these surrealistic and yet so real, drawings!
    Thank you for the visit ! 😉

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