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“Fontaine Project”- 3D art by Ricardo Ozzob

I recently, and fortunetely, met  an incredible artist who does amazing works as sculptures, digitally and in plastiline, like this oger which he called Fontaine Project, and this is only for his own study of this form of art.

fontaine- ricardo

fontaine- ricardo

fontaine- ricardo

These photos were taken by Rafael Lucien and it´s up on his blog where you can see the process of the’birth’ of the oger and other very interesting and so well done, works by Ricardo Bargenton.

He’s also part of a video producer’s agency called “porqueeu“.

Keep it fresh !

2 Responses to ““Fontaine Project”- 3D art by Ricardo Ozzob”

  1. o cara manda muito bem…..


  2. Hello who do could i get in contact with this artist? His work is awesome.

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