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Red Bulls policy of fostering development of the arts while keeping a low, low profile means that they are one of the  most overlooked contributors to the development of Australia’s arts culture.

But with amazing projects such as the Red Bull Music Academy launching the careers of the likes of Flying Lotus and countless others, the BCONE events as well as Red Bulls support of the local arts community, over the years RB has build up a strong family of artists and designers.

In order to promote these artists to other members of the RB community, on the sly as always RB has launched Bulls Eye. A series of remixed logo’s by artists adorning the monthly slabs sent out to the friends of Red Bull as well as bio information a about the artists, this project is aimed at bringing the far corners of the RB creative community a little closer while spreading the word about the talent brewing in Australia.

The end result is 5 dope remixes of the Red bull logo by the likes of;





timba-front.jpgTimba Smits

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