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It Beeeeeeeeeeeegiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsssssssssssssssss

6 Responses to “CAMO TIME…..”

  1. bitchin. lookin good

  2. Heavy.

  3. don’t you guys have a good relationship with those businesses

  4. You mean “had” a good relationship?

    Nah its cool, all the businesses got booted a month ago because the building is being torn down. Which is a shame cause Felix the tailor was a cool old guy and made the ally what it was, St J’s will be next to go.

    Cant stop progress.

  5. ahh i see
    haven’t been round for ages
    last I knew jeromes was booming, monkey and sanchez were painting walls and rancho was where its at.

    Taking away St J’s is a crime. Are they relocating or anything?

  6. Yeah its an institution, if it went I’d have no where to drink.

    Might not be going anywhere though. Myers who currently own the building have been trying to get rid of it since the beginning, however it was recently sold which is why everyone got the boot and the new owners want ST J’s to stay, but they don’t take ownership until March and Myers has recently shut off all the power which is why St J’s has recently gone medieval with candles and the distinct scent of urine.

    If the bar can hang in there until March, then its all good.

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