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Nior Solo Show – No Vacancy Gallery


Nior has made a great name for himself in recent times. His first solo show opens this Thursday at No Vacancy.  Be sure to check out this amazing collection of wooden wonder and dreamscape.  I was able to get him to elaborate a little bit in the world of Nior. 

So what’s with the name change?
I don’t really know, for me its not really a change as i used ‘nior’ as i variation from ‘juNIOR.’
I guess i felt like a change and that was it. ‘Nior’ sounds like the noise my creatures would make.

What do you like about werking with wood, as opposed to other mediums?
I find wood gives each piece its own individual story and texture. I like the
colours which appear after i have stained or glossed the wood.
Plus my dads a builder, so there is plenty of scrapes for me to use.
Every piece of wood in this exhibition has been recycled from old kitchens and rooms,
which my dad has renovated.


This body work is quite is impressively large, what’s behind it all?
and what inspired this exhibition?
I haven’t painted to many huge pieces yet, so i wanted to go for some larger sized works,
however i still wanted to include the clusters of small boxes which i have played around with before.
Found objects and recycled materials where the platform for my creatures in this exhibition, which combine the natural world with a surreal twist.
I didn’t want the themes to be to strong in my artwork, however i think the woodwork ties it all together more then anything else.
It’s great to see your 2D creations in 3D, can you tell us abit about this.
I really wanted to create some kind of large instillation in this exhibition, as it is the perfect gallery to show big works.
My dad was throwing out a pile of rubbish from a house he had just finished so
i went through it and found these massive pieces of industrial polystyrene.
I was able to cut through them and shape a creature out of it all. I added more off cuts of wood to
it and was able to create large legs which bend at the knees. I didn’t realize
how big it was until i hung it in the gallery.


Do your creatures speak?
you can decide.

If you were a mad scientist at my zoo, what animals would you combine?
An aardvark and fox or a narwhal and a buffalo.

What’s next after this show?
Next is the No Comply exhibition which should be great.
Then start on the next ‘Drawing Machine’ show in December.
Also a few group shows coming up in the next few months



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