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You’re probably wondering what the hell has been going on in the NiceProduce camp for the past few week. If you haven’t, which is more than likely the case, then you will hear what I have to say anyway.

NiceProduce is going to Europe.

We’ve been working our guts out on NiceProduce V2, and I can tell you that it’s going to kick ass. It’s like, HAL meets a blind kid, and the kid doesn’t know how amazing HAL is, because he thinks HAL is just an ordinary person with a vocalizer like Stephen Hawkins, and little does he know that HAL is really a super smart chess playing mother fucking computer made in the 70’s.

That’s the new NiceProduce. Smarter than you think, more superior than you need, and hell does it make our life easy. Like Alex said, it’s a super smart content management system that took months to build but only 2 people in the world will use it.

That’s how we roll.

In the mean time, I’m packing my shit and moving to Sweden. NiceProduce is stretching it’s reach to Europe, where I’ll be setting up camp and bringing you the best Europe has to offer.

More to come soon. Oh, and if you haven’t gotten your NoComply invites yet… just come to the second opening. 😉


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