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Is she thinking about paperwork?

From the CBD.


So do l need a permit before or after l go out bombing?

Is this before or after l get famous and or collectable?

Can l get some sort of ongoing permit?

Can l do this online?

l’m confused.

5 Responses to “Is she thinking about paperwork?”

  1. No shit, took this exact photo too and was going ot post on it.

    So whats going on is some toy planning to ruin the composition of this whole ally and its banksy stencil within it or are they trying to protect it?

    I’m constantly astounded by the cluelessness of the Melbourne city arts council.

  2. They realize they have something important l think.

    l guess the owner of the building is applying for a permit from the council, so that the council wont paint over it.

    That makes sense right?

  3. If you think the arts council is clueless, you haven’t run into any “law enforcement officials” lately. I couldn’t even paint a legal wall (permit *and* owner permission) without being hassled by cops 3 times and eventually being told to fuck off or get arrested…

  4. Meanwhile off little Collins street sawhorses are protecting the creation of an abomination.

  5. Pfft street art isn’t real art, real art is in galleries innit?

    (yes I am being sarcastic)

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