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Who is the bigger intellectual property asshole?

Who is the bigger intellectual property asshole?

Is it the artist who has amassed a small fortune based on “appropriation” yet still sends cease and desist letters to other artists for appropriating his work? Or is it the largest (and only) US based nationally-oriented news service which fails to recognize “fair use” even when it literally stares them in the face?

Read more to find out… after the jump.

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4 Responses to “Who is the bigger intellectual property asshole?”

  1. So what about Rone’s artworks that he sells??????

  2. Undisclosed, I don’t understand what you mean by that. Care to elaborate?

  3. well some of his prints that he sells are interpretations of photographs of real people. didn’t the female of one of Jane doe (i think thats what she is called) recignise herself a while ago? what if she wasnt cool with his work??? but dont get me wrong here, i love both there work, and dont see a problem with it at all. merely creating discussion


    Koan not sure if you’ve already read this worth a read if you haven’t

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