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The walls of Eastside of SP !

It´s Carnival time in Brazil !

Which means: 4 days to party hard,watch parades and dance ‘samba’ !

…or for these 2 great guys and amazing artists called Nick & Musta is to enjoy a sunny day, drink as many beers as we can and paint until the sun comes down ! 

So they invited me into their hood … to see a project they did with their friends, last year, that consisted in dividing a huge wall in 8  panels painted only in black, white and red.

And here are some shots of the badass wall they did !

-Retos & Musta –

Retos & Musta

– Shock & Nick –

Shock_ Nick

-Roko & Musta –

 Roko & Musta

– Musta & Ephi –

Musta + Ephi

 – Nem & Nick –

Nem & Nick

 Nem on detail / Nick on detail

– Anjo & Téia & Nick – Anjo + Téia + Nick

 Anjo on detail


-Musta & Ignore- 

Musta & Ignore

 Musta on detail / Ignore on detail

– Musta & Nick –Musta + Nick

Big up to all the TK and Vip Crew’s members! 

And everyone else who joined them to make this amazing project becomes such a dope wall !   

Coming up next…Musta & Nick in action !

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