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The walls of Eastside of SP !

It´s Carnival time in Brazil !

Which means: 4 days to party hard,watch parades and dance ‘samba’ !

…or for these 2 great guys and amazing artists called Nick & Musta is to enjoy a sunny day, drink as many beers as we can and paint until the sun comes down ! 

So they invited me into their hood … to see a project they did with their friends, last year, that consisted in dividing a huge wall in 8  panels painted only in black, white and red.

And here are some shots of the badass wall they did !

-Retos & Musta –

Retos & Musta

– Shock & Nick –

Shock_ Nick

-Roko & Musta –

 Roko & Musta

– Musta & Ephi –

Musta + Ephi

 – Nem & Nick –

Nem & Nick

 Nem on detail / Nick on detail

– Anjo & Téia & Nick – Anjo + Téia + Nick

 Anjo on detail


-Musta & Ignore- 

Musta & Ignore

 Musta on detail / Ignore on detail

– Musta & Nick –Musta + Nick

Big up to all the TK and Vip Crew’s members! 

And everyone else who joined them to make this amazing project becomes such a dope wall !   

Coming up next…Musta & Nick in action !

7 Responses to “The walls of Eastside of SP !”

  1. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow… alegrou meu dia moça!!!!!!!!!

  2. nossa, que da hora! vc viu eles fazendo todas essas ai ao vivo mesmo?
    olha só hein, tá se envolvendo msm no movimento!


  3. word.

  4. fucking mad

  5. Wild

  6. alalao ooo ooo, ainda não tínhamos tudo isso junto! foda demais!!
    prazer, viu? 🙂
    beijos dinoix!

  7. aahhh q fooofos vcs !!!
    Mtoo obrigaada pela forcinha! pela visita!
    e as msgs positivas!!!
    O prazer foi meeeu !!!
    Em breve…ALTO CONTRASTE aki ! 😉

    Bjooo~ nos corações!

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