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LTRHDS, Lineup announced

The LTRHDS (letterheads) exhibition explores the flexibility of the English alphabet in contemporary art by bringing together 26 esteemed artists from different parts of the world and from difference artistic disciplines; graphic, comic, fine, illustration, tattoo, graffiti, asking them to interpret a single letter each to make up an exhibition of the English alphabet.

I don’t know how many of you remember the first letterheads show way back in 06, in a space we opened called Wooden Shadow, my memory of the whole event is hazy, epic party, awesome show, one of the first international gigs by Flying Lotus. 4 years on the 2010 show promises to match the awesomeness in every way.

LTRHDS lineup in order of appearance.

Graeme Base / Mark Bode / SheOne / Shun Kawakami / Craig (KR) Costello / Meggs / Shohei Otomo / James Reka / Greg (SP.ONE) Lamarche / Mr Jago / Kami / Luca ionescu / Anthony Lister / Kid Zoom / Sasu / Sync / James (Jagi) Greenaway / Scott (Bonsai) Neo / Usugrow & Bene / TwoOne / Kano One7two / Shohei Takasaki / Phibs / French / Yusk / Puzle


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  1. [...] as The GasLamp Killer will be playing the after party for the LTRHDS exhibition in Feb 2010 and the fact that The Flying Lotus played at the opening of the first LTRHDS show so many years ago [...]

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