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Under The Influence – The Masters of the Universe.

For the past 3 years gallery 1988 in L.A has been paying tribute to some of the cultural pillars supporting the roof of our artistic world. Stan Lee, The Beasty Boys, and this year….. He Man. Inviting 100 artists to submit art for the toy line so dear to us all 1988 has put together a rare insight into eternity and the shinanigans of The Master of the Universe.

Here’s a preview of images i’ve managed to gleam randomly off the net. Hopefully will have some more once the show launches this Friday.


Jeff Boyes


Ayami Kawashima


N.C Winters


The good, The Bad and the Ugly. Alex Fugazi

Dave Perillo


Bill Carmen

It’ll be launching this Friday at 1988, 7020 Melrose Ave L.A.

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  1. […] Running from January 8th to the 29th, this is one show that no 80s child should miss. Thanks to Niceproduce for the selection of images from the […]

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