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Kami and Sasu – The Firmament

Kami and Sasu’s recently completed and fucking dope installation for Roppongi Crossing 2010 at Mori Art Museum. Roppongi. Tokyo.

Session Times.
4月22日(木)19:00~ Thursday, 22 April
5月14日(金)19:00~ Friday, 14 May
5月28日(金)19:00~ Friday, 28 May
6月4日 (金)19:00~ Friday, 4 June
6月17日(木)19:00~ Friday, 17 June
7月2日 (金)19:00~ Friday, 2 July
I’ll be heading up for the 28th.
Stuck here in Aus? Don’t dispair, we’re bring Kami and Sasu to Melbourne. More news soon.
YouTube Preview Image

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  1. f*ck yeah!

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