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New Nawlz episode is now live!!!!!!!

Season 2, episode 3 “Skyman Seeks” – visit

Here’s a little synopsis: The Mad Bionix forums have lit up.  Everybody’s asking, who’s responsible for the train crash?  Meanwhile up in the hills of the Nawlz District 5 Greenbelt, Skyman receives an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night.

Mad props go out to Hiroyasu Tsuri for his incredible Skyman illustrations. This collaboration made my job way more exciting. It’s always nice to see how someone interprets your story.  And usually I’m not too excited about colouring, but this made my job way more interesting.

Hiroyasu Versus Sutu  (Or Skyman Vs Roof Wells)

Also, BIG thanks to Michael Fitzgerald (my good ol’ astro physicist buddy – the guy’s a goddam geniass) for his help co-writing the “Awakening Sphere” Theory.  You’ll be hearing more about that as the story moves along… oh yes.  Check out Fitz’s blog here.

Also a BIG thanks to Garry Cotton for his help colouring the city scenes.  I learnt a lot a lot of cool lighting tricks during these little jams sessions…

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