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Yoko update part 2

fudgeFlew to Perth and painted with my AM buddies in Ayres warehouse, thanks to Keith and Lottie.Fudge has the skills2166710571_bb76ed196e_o.jpg Multigrain man 2167503958_8885e48d11_o.jpg Ayems see From Perth i flew to Bangkok Moved to Bangkok2355831075_163cd243e0.jpgAlex took me painting and it was about a million degrees 2355831109_a6ee41d9e6.jpg Kids played soccer in the heat like it was a Melbourne winter2355831115_63732572e3.jpg 2355831087_595987a388.jpgThis was a homeless guys cardboard house, hope it’s airconditioned2432285091_244fb42026.jpgAlso was invited to paint at this party, which was part of Tiger Translate, thanks to Alex. A 5 story building filled with paintings on the wall and canvases, Thai girl punk bands, Reggae bands, and some guy had a monkey. Anyways it was fun, recommend coming to Thailand to have some good times.Peas and gravy and goodbye

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  1. Nice photo’s bro, that fudge is fresh.

  2. Mad

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