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Archive for September, 2007

Theo Jansens Fantabulous Contraption

Friday, September 28th, 2007


If you dig the above clip, check the inventors talk at the TED talks here,

How nuts is this, not only does he look like Robert Duvall from the Godfather got cast as a wacky Belgium scientist but he’s also come up with the coolest use yet for use cable ties.

I struggle a little with his use of the word “life”, but really, this is off the hook. What blows me away the most, more than this incredible feat in engineering and more than the mesmerizing organic way that the creatures move is the fact that, if this guy found himself born in or transported one thousand years into the past, with-out too much effort he could re-create the whole project. And based on his progress i doubt the lack of modern technology would hamper him one bit.

And then we’re would be today? Some kind of science fantasy wind and steam driven super world, thats where.

Also, his “brain”, if it were developed with this application in mind before computers had been created would more than likely result in an Azimov style Positronic brain being around today, there may not even be computers, just a world of highly developed engineering customized to each applications, merged with fine artistry.

Just think, no more loading time….

Props to Sam for the link

The Heist Store Opening in Melbourne

Monday, September 24th, 2007

My brother Caine’s launching his retail space on Friday the 5th of OCT at little Latrobe Melbourne.

The party promises to be next level, girls, drinks and Melbournes finest capped off with DJ Dexter performing his award winning DMC finals set (i was there and im hanging to hear it again).

The Shop itself will be add a much needed landmark to Melburn city, stocking Crooks and Castles, Reason, Married ot the Mob, Hellz Bells, LRG, Oriso and a host of other dope brands.

A place to shop, a new place ot hang out and drink some brews on a Friday afternoon. What more could you ask for.


Yo im not sure on the invite situation with this party, word on the street is that it’ll be packed to the gills, so incase things get crazy and the boys need to draw a line in the sand email and RSVP.


New Graffiti Laws

Friday, September 21st, 2007

GRAFFITI will become a specific offence and people under 18 will need to prove spray paint cans are needed for work when they are purchased, under new laws introduced into the Victorian Parliament yesterday.

But the proposed laws have been branded “heavy handed” by Liberty Victoria for reversing the long-held legal principle of the presumption of innocence.

“The presumption of innocence has a very long and honourable history and I don’t think it is a good idea for politicians to jump in on the spur of the moment and reverse it just because there is public irritation about a particular form of conduct,” Liberty Victoria president Julian Burnside, QC, said.

What bullshit.

Read the entire article and put in your two cents. Tell em what we think!

Colour of Munny Film Clip

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Shot and edited by Stuart Simpson

The Colour of Munny

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Last Friday was the launch of “The Colour of Munny” show at the Villain Store, here are some pics of the event and some of the awesome custom toys that will be on display for another 2 weeks. Well worth getting out to the Bruswick side of town to check it out..

Colour of Munny opening night

Jorzz, Mat White, Zode

Itch and Ben Lander

Sean Kelly

Lounge Kat


Poise and Pore


Jason Jacenko

Jason Jacenko


Claudio Mantuano

Tim Murtagh


Nick Kocsis


Katherine Dretzke

Can’t stop the rock!

EverFresh WorldWide

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Here are some picks from the globe trotting members of the EverFresh Posse, check the EVERFRESH SITE for more. So far, Japan, Germany, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Lucky, Lucky, Bastards.

Decorate Barcelona Ole
Synk and London Police

Koan on the visual

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Koan on the Visual

Respect to the man.

Ohh what wonders

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I found a restaurant on Russel Street in Melbourne called A1 Somthing or other. Its the shit, they rule the world of Egg Chiffon. Seriously.

I’ve just had a fried pork, BBQ pork and bacon Egg Chiffon on rice, i’m so happy and so full of dead pig that i feel like crying. Sweet porky tears of Joy.


3d Breaking Action – The Preview

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Heres a sneak preview of some of the 3d breaker action show at Wooden Shadow last tuesday. 0ff hook you say? Well yes, i agree.

We can’t wait to see the other 100 or so takes.


Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Last Fridays launch of Doze Green at Paper Shadow.
Upstairs in the gallery things were mellow, it was just chillers enjoying the killer art in all its glory. At the end of its tour from NZ to Sydney and then the mighty PSG. Stands for Pogo Sex Girls.
And Speaking of which… Shit, i’m not going to open the upstairs bar during future launches. How much nicer is it when its not a gallery mosh pit?3.JPG
The only excitement occurred when some strange hippy came out of no-where and tried to shake Jagi down for his stash of Tofu and Sandlewood. Shit almost got hectic.
Meanwhile downstairs, hundreds watch as Doze paints live. Photos below are courtesy of Bonsai. Luckily at least one of us knows how to use a camera.
Interplanetary, no actually more like cosmological. 11.JPG
I got the feeling that while Doze was working he was painting the audience that was watching him. I forgot to ask if that was true, but if it was, heres an shot of the crowd for comparison. I love this guy with the camera phone, and theres that hippy again.
Wait, thats no hippy it’s Bonsai with Mason (7 Shadows fame) and Jagi to the Right. While Masons boy in the back is shows off his impressive butterfly hand puppetry. Tight.
You see how well we treat our guests at Paper Shadow? Buxom servant girls, now thats service.
My brothers at Libertine, Jerry Poon and Master Steve, the proud owner of the live painted piece from the night. The lucky bastard.
You see her sparking me up? I tell you guys… That Remy is a bad influence.
Jagi does the worlds first gay Ninja Turtle impression…..
And we loose our shit, which thats about the last memory i have of the night, the rest is a blur of laugher, karaoke and kabuki.

Doze mate, when you get back in March we’re picking the party up where it left off. Until then Peace.

AND! Big ups to Andrew Chew and his crew from Sydney for making this all possible, i look forward to working with you guys in the future.


Cognitive Dissident.

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