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Last Fridays launch of Doze Green at Paper Shadow.
Upstairs in the gallery things were mellow, it was just chillers enjoying the killer art in all its glory. At the end of its tour from NZ to Sydney and then the mighty PSG. Stands for Pogo Sex Girls.
And Speaking of which… Shit, i’m not going to open the upstairs bar during future launches. How much nicer is it when its not a gallery mosh pit?3.JPG
The only excitement occurred when some strange hippy came out of no-where and tried to shake Jagi down for his stash of Tofu and Sandlewood. Shit almost got hectic.
Meanwhile downstairs, hundreds watch as Doze paints live. Photos below are courtesy of Bonsai. Luckily at least one of us knows how to use a camera.
Interplanetary, no actually more like cosmological. 11.JPG
I got the feeling that while Doze was working he was painting the audience that was watching him. I forgot to ask if that was true, but if it was, heres an shot of the crowd for comparison. I love this guy with the camera phone, and theres that hippy again.
Wait, thats no hippy it’s Bonsai with Mason (7 Shadows fame) and Jagi to the Right. While Masons boy in the back is shows off his impressive butterfly hand puppetry. Tight.
You see how well we treat our guests at Paper Shadow? Buxom servant girls, now thats service.
My brothers at Libertine, Jerry Poon and Master Steve, the proud owner of the live painted piece from the night. The lucky bastard.
You see her sparking me up? I tell you guys… That Remy is a bad influence.
Jagi does the worlds first gay Ninja Turtle impression…..
And we loose our shit, which thats about the last memory i have of the night, the rest is a blur of laugher, karaoke and kabuki.

Doze mate, when you get back in March we’re picking the party up where it left off. Until then Peace.

AND! Big ups to Andrew Chew and his crew from Sydney for making this all possible, i look forward to working with you guys in the future.

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