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Nawlz Episode #7 – ‘Grey Matter’ is now online!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

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In this episode, Suckers-Ill Magazine reports on the state of Nawlz youth and their wayward consciousness in an exclusive interview with AI psychological intelligence expert Mr. Bliss. Meanwhile, Harley’s mind can’t handle much more than a casual beer. He heads down to MoCuts Delicatessen to catch up with The Bosh and Jonnie-jon for some early evening brain lubrication.

I’m really enjoy the sloshy pirate dub that has become the Mo Cuts tune. Might have to get Jordo to evolve this into a full track. Eh Jordo? *nudge*nudge

Thanks to the usual suspects Jordan King: Sound and Music, Sinuso Dial: Additional Sounds, Duncan Gates: Crackhead programming.

experiments in anti gravity…

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

After discovering an anti-gravity pocket in my back alleyway my mind has become obsessed with the concept.

I’ve been dreaming about it…

I also dreamt about the first person to fly…

I want to find more anti gravity pockets…

and do more anti gravity experiments…

This last one’s a nod to Moebius.

Meanwhile it seems the frogs have discovered an anti gravity pocket too (courtesay of Fitz)…


Nawlz bite?

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Maybe it’s just be, but there are some uncanny similarities between this ZooYork T and The Nawlz Brain print.


Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

SKYMAN Sketch for Good friend of mine, great achiever STU’s interactive web comic “NAWLZ” Season 2.

Nawlz Season 2

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Nawlz season 2 is now online.

Click here to start.


Friday, July 24th, 2009


It’s time to transcend. It’s time to blow your frontal lobes right offa your scalps! How many ears do you need to hear it? How many eyes do you need to see it! The Mad Bionix are playing NOW! Freq on to the NAWLZ for the madness! Harley and Jonnie-jon have got a Deadlight loaded with multiple brain-circuitry maps to complete the trip, as well as a rainbow of wilberforce, snappys and binders, all the sensory enhancing drugs you could possible need to ensure your mind’s catapulted into another perceptual dimension! It’s time to Get Bionic!

I highly recommend going fullscreen with speakers cranked! – sutu

Visit: for the latest instalment.


As Issue #14 completes Nawlz Season One. The Nawlz blog will be the place to check for the latest developments. Including the launch of the site’s redesign in the coming few months and most importantly the launch of Nawlz Season 02 – “The Real-Werld Information Breakdown” which is forecasted for early 2010.



Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Nice Produce artist, Sutu has just brought out 2 new giclee prints on Nice Produce. Concept work behind his online cyberpunk comic Only $100 each. Check all the Nawlz Prints here.

Damn these Donuts for being so damn good! This is a popular meeting place for Harley and Jonnie-jon.
In Issue 12 of the comic Harley schools Jonnie Jon on the rules of casting over a couple casual donuts. More details heredamn-donuts

This is the original drawing for the  Invisible Ominous featured in issue 5.
According to the comic the vision of the giant octopus stretching its tentacles over the city is part of a series of clips released by the band (The Mad Bionic Orchestra) to promote their upcoming concert in Nawlz. More Details here


Friday, April 3rd, 2009

NAWLZ Issue 12 ~ THE WALKING LIMO, the latest installment in the mad online comic by Nice produce artist/designer Sutu is out now. check it Right here.





Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Issue #11 the first of 09’s NAWLZ episodes is now out.

Jonnie-jon’s outta cash and his Freqon chip is completely screwed after a wreckless binge of binders and wilberforce the night before. He needs a new chip before the Mad Bionix concert tonight. Together Harley and Jonnie-jon head to the Gracelands Mod-Mall. Whether you’re after some neuro cosmetics, pigment tinting, muscle grafting or the latest in brain computer interfaces, Gracelands is definitely the best place to get your cheap hoogie mall jobs.



Also we have exclusive NAWLZ T’s and prints right here on nice.madeinnawlz


Nawlz combines text, illustration, music, animation and interactivity to create a never before seen panoramic comic format—one that tells the story of Harley Chambers as he kicks through the futuristic City of Nawlz, engaging in overlaying virtual realities, mind-bending drugs and other strange techno-cultures. Created by illustrator and interactive designer Stu Campbell (a.k.a. Sutu), and first launched in late 2008, the interactive cyberpunk adventure series has broken new ground exploring how the Internet can provide immersive story experiences. ‘Season 1: Distortion Reigns Supreme,’ consisting of 14 episodes/issues delivered throughout 2008-2009 (providing roughly 2 hours of reading/viewing), resulted in a Webby Award and an FWA award.

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