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Seen – NYC – Stockholm

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

As part of the “This is Art” series of shows at Galleri Jonas Kleerup, tonight is the opening of Seen (if you don’t know, close your browser right now). I can’t wait.

Photos to come after the event.

As promised….









I had a good little chat with Seen, talked about his tattoo studios in The Bronx and Paris. Pretty chilled out dude, nice to have some graffiti kings visit sleepy old Stockholm.

Coming up for air.

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

What’s up Nice people. It’s Karl, checking in from my new home in Scandinavia, where we keep the beer outside and frozen.

I haven’t been so busy on the Grassroots side of things for a while as I’ve just moved to Stockholm. I’ve been here for 4 weeks and have spent every second getting acquainted with my new work peeps and getting out to meet the city. I love Stockholm.

The fashion here is second only to Tokyo. It’s a 1930’s Hugo Boss / Louis Vuitton catalog. Stockholm also just got rated the world’s most sexiest city, so double that up with some precision fashion choices and bang. See, a little self love goes a long way, it’s always worth the effort. 🙂

The street art here is minimal, though there are plenty of galleries and talented artists. I visited the University Artist Market and was blown away by the creativity. I guess spending 3/4 of your life indoors and in the dark can work wonders with your imagination.

I’m off to Germany next week, I’ll be on the hunt for some serious works. Flicks and more updates to come now that I’m a little more settled. If you’re ever up this way, give me a hollar, we’ll go drinking.

As for Nice 2.0, well, let’s say that all of our designers have let us down. We’re working on it, if you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself. It’s the Nice way of life.

Peace from the North.

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

You’re probably wondering what the hell has been going on in the NiceProduce camp for the past few week. If you haven’t, which is more than likely the case, then you will hear what I have to say anyway.

NiceProduce is going to Europe.

We’ve been working our guts out on NiceProduce V2, and I can tell you that it’s going to kick ass. It’s like, HAL meets a blind kid, and the kid doesn’t know how amazing HAL is, because he thinks HAL is just an ordinary person with a vocalizer like Stephen Hawkins, and little does he know that HAL is really a super smart chess playing mother fucking computer made in the 70’s.

That’s the new NiceProduce. Smarter than you think, more superior than you need, and hell does it make our life easy. Like Alex said, it’s a super smart content management system that took months to build but only 2 people in the world will use it.

That’s how we roll.

In the mean time, I’m packing my shit and moving to Sweden. NiceProduce is stretching it’s reach to Europe, where I’ll be setting up camp and bringing you the best Europe has to offer.

More to come soon. Oh, and if you haven’t gotten your NoComply invites yet… just come to the second opening. 😉



Co-Founder of NiceProduce

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