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The Heist Store Opening in Melbourne

My brother Caine’s launching his retail space on Friday the 5th of OCT at little Latrobe Melbourne.

The party promises to be next level, girls, drinks and Melbournes finest capped off with DJ Dexter performing his award winning DMC finals set (i was there and im hanging to hear it again).

The Shop itself will be add a much needed landmark to Melburn city, stocking Crooks and Castles, Reason, Married ot the Mob, Hellz Bells, LRG, Oriso and a host of other dope brands.

A place to shop, a new place ot hang out and drink some brews on a Friday afternoon. What more could you ask for.


Yo im not sure on the invite situation with this party, word on the street is that it’ll be packed to the gills, so incase things get crazy and the boys need to draw a line in the sand email and RSVP.


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