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Theo Jansens Fantabulous Contraption


If you dig the above clip, check the inventors talk at the TED talks here,

How nuts is this, not only does he look like Robert Duvall from the Godfather got cast as a wacky Belgium scientist but he’s also come up with the coolest use yet for use cable ties.

I struggle a little with his use of the word “life”, but really, this is off the hook. What blows me away the most, more than this incredible feat in engineering and more than the mesmerizing organic way that the creatures move is the fact that, if this guy found himself born in or transported one thousand years into the past, with-out too much effort he could re-create the whole project. And based on his progress i doubt the lack of modern technology would hamper him one bit.

And then we’re would be today? Some kind of science fantasy wind and steam driven super world, thats where.

Also, his “brain”, if it were developed with this application in mind before computers had been created would more than likely result in an Azimov style Positronic brain being around today, there may not even be computers, just a world of highly developed engineering customized to each applications, merged with fine artistry.

Just think, no more loading time….

Props to Sam for the link

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