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Ignore it please …if you can !

The artist known as  “Ignore Por Favor ” , which means ” Ignore it please”,  created a new serie of paintings called “Privacy Invasion – Orkut Victims”, consisting in taking photos from friends on his orkut network and painting them with spray on canvas, with such an incredible quality and realism that I have no words to describe, see it for yourselves !!!

naah- by ignore

Like that wouldn´t be enough he also produced videos of the whole process, each one with a different and great soundtrack, complementing and making even more beautiful his masterpieces.

This is one of my favorites, he painted a very talented artist and personnal friend, Yusk.

yusk by ignoreporfavor

Watch Yusk´s video:

Yusk-painting-original photo The original photo so you can see what I´m talking about.

All the works and videos from this serie on my new blog !

I also like to show you his previous works from the serie called  “Essential Light”, he painted photos took on our chaotic traffic and turned into amazing artworks.

bus- essential light serie- ignore

Bus window- essential light serie-ignore

I went to see this one, live, the other day and I still couldn´t believe my own eyes !


Also on the wall two amazing artits, Gafi and DME.

Keep it REAL like THAT !

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