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Holiday cheer and beer.

Boxing day sales in the city people! A level red chump alert has been declared as the outer suburbs pump an army of people into the metro area to take advantage of the low low prices.

In an act of anthropological regression this influx of the outer suburbs has stirred up a living example of “the history of fashion wakness” from the past 5 years. Nothing but flouro triangles, numbers on the back of polo and chain yardages as far as the eye can see.

The biggest feature of today? The return to the streets of the long forgotten “&” t-shirts. I dig the original idea of this t-shirt, but the simplicity of the concept has led a flood of piss poor imitations, designers merely had to reach into he bowels of mediocrity, pull out a steaming heap of some popular culture and viola, instant chump T.

So I gots to thinking, here are some uses for the “&” T that I’d like to see.
too soon? nah.

Hey, at least i stopped short at Mengela

the flight insurance edition


highlights from the Achaemenid dynasty


& a Nice Produce night out.

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