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News from Rotterdam !

Just had a chat with my pal and amazing artist, Yusk . Who´s in Holland / Rotterdam to paint an enormous building with some other brazilian artists such as Ramon Martins and Dalata.

I went to Yusk´s blog  to find more about this project and all we can see so far is some shots of the exterior ready to be painted and the blueprint of the building, that used to be a factory but now is a building filled with design offices and advertising agencies inside.


The red marked part is where he´s supposed to be painting in a few days. Can´t wait to see it done!

And still on his blog you´ll see a historical shot of him and … guess who ???

Martha Cooper !!! Who´s touring all around  to promote and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary book Subway Art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant !


Still in Rotterdam, she went to the Street Science Festival and put up some amazing shots of it on her blog at the 12ozprophet website.


bcooper6486-600x370 ” While Street Science workshops, panels and battles were happening inside Watt, artists from around
the world were painting the wall outside the building. ”

mcooper2 “Only problem—permission had been requested but
not granted. Apparently some neighborhood residents called the cops.”

mcooper “(…) Painting continued. Round one goes to: artists!”

“…the 2nd annual Street Science festival organized
by Hip Hop Huis. This year’s theme celebrated the past, present and future of Hip Hop through
performances, workshops, battles, panels and after parties. ”



“Hip Hop’s founding father, DJ Kool Herc rocked the house ‘til da break of dawn at the Brand New
Old School Party held at Watt on Saturday night, the highlight of the Street Science Festival.”


Words and photos by Martha Cooper.

Check’em all here !

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