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Nerdballin 2.0

So many of you have been asking, “whats up with Nice Produce version 2”, “it’s been well over a year that you’ve been promising the update”, “why are you guys such a lazy pack of c*nts?”

Well the truth is that the site IS in fact coming along, albeit mighty slowly. The main reasons is that Nice Produce genius coding WunderKind, Karl Stanton has been busy posing for nerd industry tech mags as the “Downsizing poster boy” and enjoying all the drugs, parties and womens that comes with the position.


Note the gradient square escaping top right… this is his mind leaving his head to find a bar at the exact moment of photography.

Mid Feb at the latest people, and it’ll be better than anything you can imagine. We had to divert power to finish the LTRHDS site and a new site which is launching in Feb. The 90% finished Nice 2.0 will be up and running before you know it.

On another Note. is up. Check it out and keep checking it’s blog for interviews.

One Response to “Nerdballin 2.0”

  1. Yep, probably the most un-kept I’ve been. Thanks to borrowing into my keyboard in search for a spare 5 minutes.

    Nice nice nice nice nice.

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