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Offical announcement of the LTRHDS afterparty.
Check the insane work of Jagi.

6 Responses to “LTRHDS After Party – GASLAMP KILLER.”

  1. Jagi is a legend

  2. I want your babies Jagi

  3. woot woot…. nice naked lady in lamp 🙂

  4. this is a great poster. except there is a naked bimbo with giant melons hanging out in the lamp (which is impossible if the lamp were to work because she would be burnt to a crisp). anyway, thanks to this naked bimbo imagery you can now guarantee the gig will be a giant penis festival with absolutely no girls in attendance. you idiot!

  5. You got a problem with boobs all a sudden Kano?

  6. No I don’t. I like them a lot. I actually want to see some at the gig too. But this poster will make them go somewhere else. Find out where they will be now and get back to me.

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