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Archive for October, 2007

New Griffin Range online

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The new griffin A/W range has gone up on thier online store. Featuring the brands trade mark approuch to militaristic styling as well as a couple of dope Beghaus outdoor jackets which are available for preorder now.

Click here for the Griffin online store.




Delayed reports from Sonar Festival, Barcelona.

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Nice Many
As this is Stable’s virgin post and with 4 months travel to the biggest festivals in the world, I actually thought the best photo to start with was Red Bull Music Academy guru Many sporting the classic “Nice” Tee. Our good friend was trying to complete an interview while some of us 2007 RBMA veterans were giving him the wind up…good times. RBMA 2008 edition is currently taking place in Toront, Canada.

For more info and some insight into one of the greatest events held worldwide, check

Shiney Space Junk – by Jagi

Friday, October 5th, 2007


Shiny Space Junk – The First Solo show by Jagi.
Launches 6pm 19th of october at Paper Shadow Gallery. Franklin Street Melbourne.

I’ve worked with Jagi for as far back as I can remember and I’m extremely proud to be hosting his first ever solo show at our gallery.

James has build up a serious following around Australia, both from his Shadow (RIP) t-shirt and having always brought the most mind-blowing artwork to group shows.

James Greenaway’s (or Jagi..) illustrative imagery is best described as pop-fantasy art, taking inspiration from manga, retro videogames, art nouveau and surrealism.
Portrayed with these stylistic influences and within Jagi’s worlds live giant, childlike, bionic samurai creatures, sometimes riddled with grief or floating around blissfully daydreaming, but always trapped and inseparable from their biomechanical armor. Bored and melancholic adventurers are found sitting a top floating platform game islands with rubix cubes and power-ups gathering dust nearby. These characters and landscapes are a reflection Jagi’s youth, introvertedly spent drawing and designing platform and adventure video games in his sketchbooks.

For better or for worse, he never really grew out of this habit of drawing, and now after decades of scribbling in sketchbooks, its time to make money!
This show, the first solo exhibition by Jagi, contains a collection of limited edition giclee prints, original canvases and installations. Without sticking to any specific theme, these works simply reflect the emotion & imagination of Jagi while paying tribute to his predecessors & sources of inspiration.

I really am so proud to see this show come to fruition, Jagi has come along way and based on the talent and vision that he has I can’t help but feel that its just the beginning.
Make sure you head down to the gallery on the 19th of October the check out the show,

Below are some pieces from previous shows.

Floating Garden

Level 14 Warrior Pimp

And below we have a sneak peek at segments of the pieces in Shiny Space Junk.

Samurai Pizza Cat
Rainbow Elemental Warlack


Treeman Sanctuary.

To see the rest you’ll have to come down on the 19th for the show.

For the peeps in the US

Friday, October 5th, 2007

niCe Phone

I just got my first play with the iPhone. Sometimes it’s hard being so far down under, these things aren’t even supposed to be in the country until sometime next year.

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Anyone in the US wanna hook up the Nice crew with some purchase and shipping? There’s proddy in it for ya!!

We like, nay, we love.

New art by the Beans

Monday, October 1st, 2007


This awesome piece of work was just added to the site by Bonsai and Two (the beans). Last time i saw this piece, a pair of Belgium art buyers were cracking a major fat over it at the Beans studio, i guess they didn’t get there hands on it. To our good fortune, cause here it is.

Acrylic on wood, the wood has a wide backing frame behind it and features alternating elephant characters by the two artists, click on the image to get a closeup, the textures need to be appreciated properly.

Its the same design that the two painted outside of Until Never for Nail’s bandana show, and featured at the King Brown issue 3 launch at China Heights in Sydney.

T-shirt can’t die

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Just saw this on Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Honeyee blog, an addition to a conversation started by Plain Gravy ‘Pharrel can’t skate’ that was continued by our ‘Neither can Lupe’ T (here).

In 40-50 years from now, where we’re all elderly street wear skeletons, pinching nurses on the ass, complaining about the youth while blissfully defecating in our pants these T-shirts and the subsequent street culture commentary that they highlight will surly to be an obscure in-joke that the kids just wont get. A day i eagerly look forward to.

Until then, mines going on ice.


Cognitive Dissident.

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