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Heard he is coming to OZ/NZ later this year so a bit of a heads up for those that might not be familiar with what he does.

DJ Baku (Bio lifted from

“An ever prolific indie/alternative DJ and track-maker, DJ BAKU’s foundation is Hip Hop with a healthy dose of turntablism. His highly-acclaimed mix series released on his own label, DIS-DEFENSE DISC, has become something of a collector’s item. In June 2006, he released his long-awaited first album, “SPINHEDDZ” on POPGROUP Recordings, which reached No. 1 on the Tower Records Indie chart. Later in the same year, he performed with D-Style, Kid Koala and Q-Bert. In December that year, DJ BAKU joined forces with the legendary Guitar Wolf, releasing the single, “ULTRA CROSS Vol. 3”, on Sony Music. In 2007, BAKU embarked on a new project, assuming the alias, “Noizd Phank”, incorporating a variety of artists like Bug (ex Techno Animal) to do remixes.
Lastly, in 2008 will see the release of DJ BAKU’s second album, “Dharma Dance”. Along with his forte, sampling, BAKU has introduced the usage of guitar, bass, drums, and Chinese stringed instruments like the er hu, as well as a diverse range other natural/acoustic instruments in his new album”

Spin Headz is somewhat of a masterpiece:

and his second recently released album “Dharma Dance” is a lot rockier but has some fine tunes no doubt.

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