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Sahtel meets Mash

“The new 7th issue of Sahtel magazine featured an exclusive interview with MASH members Garret Chow and Jonathan Burkett. Hereby we’re publishing the original english version of the text along with some of the photos over our website. The interview is made by Lily Lin. Enjoy.”

The MASH crew definitely have a lot to answer for. On my last trip to Tokyo, the cities infamous BNE smothering was pretty much over taken by MASH paraphernalia. When I dropped in to WBASE, I was met with a lot of young Tokyo hipsters and gaijins riding some seriously hot customs. I’ve posted the shots up elsewhere on this blog, but the fixie epedemic is definitely in full force with the MASH massive on the fore front.

A great read and some insight into the MASH lifestyle, not to mention lots of excellent photography. All these shots of people in the summer time is getting me anxious.

Enjoy the article.

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