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Alphabet was the last show of the year from Monster Children gallery, a gathering of associated artists working their way through the alphabet which launched last night to the usual shinanigans despite the miserableness of the weather.

A is for Andy Jenkins

B is for Ben Brown

C is for Andrew Cowen

D is for Mark Drew

E is for Edward Woodley

F is for Ben Frost

G is for Mike Giant

H is for Evan Hecox

I is for Luca Ionescu

J is for Jeff Canham

K is for Kelly Searl it’s also good for a fun night in.

L is for Anthony Lister

M is for Reg Mombassa

N is for Numskull

O is for Beci Orpin

P is for Pam

Q is for Mickie Quick

R is for Robert Moore

S is for Sarah Larnach

T is for The Idiots

U is for Steve Uren

V is for Vaughn Dead

W is for Ozzie Wright

X is for Stefan MarX

Y Is for We Buy Your Kids

Z is for Jonathan Zawada


  1. More like P is for Piss Poor. All it was was a some yellow splats.

  2. P is for Put some fucking effort in.. . .

  3. P is for Played Out.

    Why didn’t they just stick some antlers on it, or maybe a hotdog with micky mouse hands or a drug reference with a pyramid and some aliens and heaps of flouro gradients or some other special RMIT design student standard like they always do?

    I guess they’re too good for Monster Children.

  4. P is for Piece of Shit.
    ERRR. . . to do more than spray something yellow?? – – – that would take EFFORT and CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY . . . 3 things they obviously lack.

  5. In the context of the show P is for Pretty bold

  6. what happened to R ? ?

  7. R is for Refresh.

  8. looks frickin awesome. I love this!

  9. Awesome indeed!

  10. give P a break!!!!!
    it prob symbolic of simplicity or something!
    i think its horrible that instead of commenting on the ones u love everyone bitches about the one they hate!
    wat do you think that says about you???????????????

  11. There’s nothing wrong with people saying whether they like or dislike something.
    From my count there’s 4 comments critiquing the “P” and 5 which are indifferent. Seems balanced to me.

    You know what really bugs me though, is people who seem to think that a person who has a critical attitude towards something has some kind of problem. That they are a “hater” or a “troll” just because they go out on the limb and say they don’t like something.

    Just because someone doesn’t like something and expresses it, doesn’t necessarily make them some kind of bitter shut in sitting in a dark room hating humanity. It could be the opposite. They are simply expressing opinions, whether it be positive or negative is irrelevant.

    What kind of care bear world do you live in where no one is allowed to express a negative comment? And whats more, just think about the levels of mediocrity that we’d find ourselves wallowing neck deep in in if everyone just went around accepting crap art, music, cinema, ect simply because they didn’t want to be negative.

    Lets face it, life and art isn’t naturally democratic, some films are commercial crap while others are brilliant, some albums suck ass while others are dope, ect.

    In this case, some artists are more talented than others, some have stronger vision / insight and some are harder workers, while transversely some people get into art for all the wrong reasons, relying on fashionable motivs and time tested cliche’s rather than vision and talent, thereby diluting the quality of art and making the world just a little bit crap in the process.

    Without giving my opinion of the “P”, I’ll say, there’s nothing wrong with people expressing their understanding of the distinction of good and bad art, film, music. In doing so they are serving a function.

    What concerns me is when a people insinuates that someone else has some kind of problem simply because of the fact that they disagree with the persons opinion.

    This kind of attitude is counter productive.

    If we really want to start questioning the personal qualities of someone, maybe we should begin by asking ourselves instead, what it is that an excessive use of exclamation and questions marks says about you?

  12. For the most part I agree with the last comment – we need more critical commentary, not less. However simply saying “this sucks” is not terribly productive. It’s about as productive as saying “that’s pretty” – we generally lack the language we need to ask questions or make comments that are descriptive/observational, or that make comparisons and use references. Criticism should come at least in part out of a desire to see people produce better art, not simply to bitch about something one may or may not like or understand.

  13. Well put

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