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LetterHeads 1 ~ WoodenShadow

Here’s an old set of photos from the first letterheads show organized by KidReksi and myself a few years ago at WoodenShadow.

3119252755_198d423a55_bI setup and ran WoodensShadow in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Richmond and it was the site of epic parties and also a tetanus ridden tinderbox that at any one night could of wiped out the entire Melbourne art scene in a fiery ball of death. Letterheads was an exhibition of remixed letters of the alphabet by Australian artists met with Chairman Mao and Flying Lotus thanks to RBMA.

Reka and I are currently trying to motivate each other into nutting out Letterheads 2 so i thought i’d post some shots, stir the creative juices and whatnot.

A by Kab.3119286685_e432720171_o
B by Puzzle3120114594_4ce3c9c229_o
C by Scram
D by Merda

Other Highlights included…
Q by Jagi
O by Dmote

Check a slideshow of all the pieces here.

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