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Jean “Moebius” Giraud, Dune Character Designs.

In 1975, Alejandro Jodorowsky embarked on the adaptation of Frank Herbets Dune.

The film planned a cast which included, Salvidor Dali, Orson Wells and Mick Jager with a soundtrack by Pink Floyd, the film would have summarized the psychedelic creative spirit of the 70’s in a way which would of still been endearing today.

Unfortunately… due to lack of funding the film with its 14 hour epic script was canned. Luckily, at least the character and set design from the likes of Giger, Chris Foss and Moebius endure, to placate our need to imagine what the film would of be like while further lamenting its loss.

Here are some beautifully detailed and colored Dune character designs by the influential French comic book artist, Moebius which i think precede Peter Chung really nicely, particularly from Reign.

You can find out more about the Unseen Dune here.baron2medium_3031015482_d65216b3a4_omedium_3030178783_0b7c276e4e_omedium_3030210331_232a29ce4f_o

On a side note.. This is why popular culture sucks and why i need to stab people who listen to shit music and watch shit films, ultimately throughout history such people are individually responsible for funding going to mediocre commercial projects rather than enriching ones such as the Unseen Dune. Its a crime against humanity and it should be treated like one and I for one put my hand up to help administer the justice.

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