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After several years of experimentation where he devoted serious energy into exploring the iconography of his own youth, Swift has developed a truly unique slant on British Pop art and what POP means to him.

Through his ID as Swifty Typografix, he has long maintained a global following for his innovative escapades in design. He is an Apple Mac pioneer and an unrepentant acolyte of the post hip hop sampling generation.

However, his own works have seen him tackle a more personal trajectory. He likes to get hands on and messy. He effortlessly switches from hi-tech to lo-fi and is a true believer in practical skills.

His small, exclusive runs of silkscreen prints, etchings and aquatints have already attracted fans and buyers both locally and through the Art Car Boot Sale in Brick Lane where he shared a stall with Scrawl Collective, alongside Sir Peter Blake.

His latest work maintains his Northern, down to earth outlook but is inevitably phunky and humourous. It highlights the artist’s love of the process, and his fascination with different techniques but it’s his  exploration of the so called mundane, through his growing collection of  nostalgia, that engages the viewer to reveal hidden layers of meaning.

As this is first time he will be exhibiting his work outside the UK, Swifty has done original art specially for this show as well as doing a ‘live’ art piece at the gallery’s opening night. Futhermore, there will limited editions of his iconic prints and other exlusives available at the opening night of the show, so don’t miss it!

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