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Nice is making moves to bring Brazilian artists Yusk and Horoiwa, along with Miss G to Australia for 6 months to take part in and contribute to the Melbourne art scene.

Details are still shakey at this point, but until more is locked in, enjoy some of this stunning work by Sao Paulo artist Horoiwa.


At the age of fifteen the young Dante Horoiwa began his career as a commercial illustrator.

Being from a city with such a strong and unique graffiti movement as Sao Paulo, it wasn’t long before Horoiwa, under the name Musta, started becoming actively involved in street art.

The rawness and innovation of the Brazilian street art scene has since become one of the main influences on his work, both on and off the streets.
His other main influence comes from the culture, philosophy, history and art of his Japanese ancestry.

Drawing from his heritage, Horoiwa tries to follow the samurai philosophy and the pursuit of enlightenment. The difficulty and loneliness of which, given the state of the modern world, is a predominant theme in his artwork.

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