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Hyper ’10 !

The brazilian graffiti artist, Hyper stepped up another level, once again !

He used to paint very futuristic images like this one :

Always reflecting about the future of the human kind, the planet, interacting techonology with nature, trying to make us think about the way we live and where we´re going.

He always kept his influence from his dreams, studies, connections, and this time is no different but his works for 2010, the series called ORIGINS, are “a little bit”  different…

So I had a little chat/interview with him to find out: What´s with the whole indian thing ???

Hyper: At the end of the year of 2009 I had a dream, with an indian shaman  talking to me and I couldn´t stop thinking about it…so I bought a book called “Much before 1500” (which is how many years passed since the Portuguses found Brazil, as the history goes)

In the streets of Belo Horizonte city, his hometown.

Miss G : And what did that book say ?

Hyper: The book says that Brazil was the first land ever to exist, that is the birth of all civilizations, about the shamans and their philosophies…

Sculpture made for an art show.

Miss G : What did the shaman tell you on that dream ?

Hyper: He talked about how the humanity evolved technologically and how that kept us away from the truth and made our future what it is today. That mankind had two different futures ahead of us, one with the sight of destruction, as it is happening, and one that would come from the reunion of the nature with the unity spirit of men… a hippie’s dream ! (laughs)

Miss G : How did the dream become art ?

Hyper : I thought it had a lot to do with my artwork. I was going throught a phase when I wasn´t feeling inpired to create. I was blocked. I needed something new.  And my work is about technology so mixing up that with everything I studied, I crazed it up a little  and that´s what it came out… (laughs)

Hyper,Dalata, Nao and Mona (both from Chile)

He’s an incredible artist, really into what he´s doing, he takes his message and his art very seriously, even the more vandal side of it, bombing. He also makes music and sings (you can check it on his myspace page).

Here is him on a rite of energy passing.

Miss G : Did you ever go to a record label ?

Hyper: No… I don´t have that kind of feeling with music or anything… at least for now. I just like doing it! I think is to keep record of my ideas and thoughts in a more artistic way, to share it, exchange of information really. If  at some point it turns out to be more than that is because someone liked it.

Works with Dalata, also from BH city.

Hyper: My intention is to produce, period. You can´t paint all the time so I try to occupy my time with productive things. I like music, I listen to it all day and I keep banging on things, I like writing, to produce a music…just like graffiti, I do it because I like it ! What comes next is consequence.

As before, his paintings were so beatifull and realistic in a way that made us think that the future could be exactly how he painted…and now even thought his influence is from the past he still show us a  future that could be, if everything were different.

Let´s hope and make a better future for ourselves! Keep it green !

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