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Yoshitaka Amano, Deva Loka at LeBasse Projects

Amano’s first exhibition in the states for over a decade, ‘Deva Loka’ named for the ancient American Indian land of God at LeBasse Projects shows a clear reflection on the pop illustrations of his formative years, a contrast the the lush and intricate Art Nouveau of his later works.

An understandable stylistic direction considering that he’s using this excursion to the states to present a tribute to his childhood love of American comics, culture and automobiles. Painted in automotive and metallic paints this show would be truly amazing to view in person.

Amano is widely acclaimed for his work in animation and video games. He is renowned for designing the characters for the hit video game, Final Fantasy, as well as for anime films including Vampire Hunter D, Guin Saga, and Front Mission.

During his youth Amano worked on character design for Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets, Gforce) and Tekkaman the styling of which is very much present in this stunning and sentimental show.

“Between the late 60’s and the 70’s, and during my early years in the art world, I was greatly influenced by American comic books and pop culture. I’d like to show my gratitude for the inspiration America gave me with this exhibit. With the theme of DEVA LOKA, all of my concepts and influences are able to come together, centered in one place. I hope everyone enjoys my show.”

If i wasn’t on the other side of the world i’d be there right now, I recommend checking it out if you can.

February 20th through March 13th
Opening Reception: Saturday, Ferbuary 20th, 7 to 10pm

At LeBasse Projects
6023 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA

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