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Trusto vs. MBW

Playing out in a way that’s reminiscent to the recent Banksy v Robbo beef. TrustoCorp a group of New York based artists have declared war against the conceptual art project / actual artist Mr Brainwash in retaliation to MBW’s recent New York promotional campaign leading to his latest show in the city.

Say what you will about Mr Brainwash, but in many ways he’s the martyr savior of street art. By encapsulating mostly everything that sucks about street art, the repetition, the thoughtlessness, the shameless self promotions, the tackiness, the abuse of pop culture references and the favor of the lowest common denominator and then allowing himself to be lead so easily to the slaughter, he’s become the scape goat that allows the world to wipe the slate clean and give it another shot.

MBW’s friendly retaliation.

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