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The making of JERRY’s universe !


He’s known as an ‘old school’ artist and belongs to the second generation of graffiti. 

And in his long trajectory, mostly in the south region of Sao Paulo, he believes in his educational responsibility and justifies the graffiti as a transformation. And by doing so influencing a new generation that acts with strenght in the region.


His paintings shows the pleasent harmony between elements of the essence and his imaginary , where the fragments are portrayed through portals watched by a guardian. 

Associating this ludic universe with the enviroment that surrounds him.


He´s one of my favorite artists here… and he´s too modest to admit that he is a legend around here ! He has everyone´s respect and if you ever have the chance to meet him, you´ll be meeting one of the nicest and kindest people in the whole world.



No wonder why his works are more than beautifull to look at…it´s just a beautifull feeling you get looking at them. Jerry´s work is pure love.


Coming up …Uni-versos oppening night !

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