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Yok update 1

Yok o TronsSo it’s been a while since the last post and a lot has been happening, here is a shot of the finished “Pump me up with a bike pump and be out of breath yoks” from the don’t come gallery Show.  PeepsSome people came down1863767487_e6c1c94395_o.jpgI got to paint with DABS and DVATE, thanks for the invite guys..i miss these two gentlemen.Can i have you hat (in an Arnie voice)I had to pack up my studio, due to rent inspection, so i started to work on paper and stumpled across these amazing shelac based inks, it the bottom of my paint box. Now i’m hooked on them.This one is called Can i have your Hat, ( you need to pronounce it like you are Arnold Swartzo )You can see more here Fell on Black Days   
two the magnificent Then Two invited me to paint in an abandoned theatre, He’s got the skills to pay the bills for sure.Quick squiggleI scribbled on some wallsEnough for now it’s lunch time.peas  

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