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How and Nosm strikes Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The also famous twin brothers in the graffiti world, besides OsGemeos (which actually means “The Twins” in portuguese), How and Nosm, now living in NYC but born in Spain, travel all around the globe painting cool characters and some dope letters on the streets. 

And this time they came to Brazil and painted on Rio de Janeiro city pretty much everything they laid eyes on.

They could not pass by Brazil without leaving their marks on a train, since they painted trains in almost every part of the world.


They painted 50 walls in Rio ! And you can check it all  on their flickr page !

3 Responses to “How and Nosm strikes Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)”

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  2. yo, really loving this art, i went to flickr to see all of them, and they are awesome, great work, great creativity,

  3. Some of the best Graff I’ve seen a while.

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