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Whats wrong with our country?

Whats wrong with our country?

“News” media that runs sensationalistic trash which is motivated more by keeping the ignorant suburban slops that make up it’s readership confused with misinformation and subscribing to it’s unashamedly dark ages peasant outlook than it is with educating them. That’s is precisely what is wrong with our country.

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Thanks for the free press suckers.

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6 Responses to “Whats wrong with our country?”

  1. [...] Nice Produce said it best:‘ thanks for the free press suckers’ [...]

  2. I can’t wait for my book! Mad shit.

  3. yet another lame attempt at media induced paranoia.
    if wak cunts writing letters on shit are toys, then this is the epitome

    grow up you fucking press vandals……

  4. hahaha, the person who wrote this article should be fired. whats with the jumble of ridiculous quotes that have nothing to do with shit at the end

  5. There’s a reason it’s such a jumble, check this link, Rone called the “journalist” our for some extremely sloppy journalism. They wrote the same crap verbatim about the Kings Way book.

  6. i agree with the article. graffiti vandalism amongst other things is responsible for my dick being so small and for bad tracksuits. suck it up you vandal bastards. the herald sun is a bloody ripper of a rag.

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