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How and Nosm strikes Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The also famous twin brothers in the graffiti world, besides OsGemeos (which actually means “The Twins” in portuguese), How and Nosm, now living in NYC but born in Spain, travel all around the globe painting cool characters and some dope letters on the streets. 

And this time they came to Brazil and painted on Rio de Janeiro city pretty much everything they laid eyes on.

They could not pass by Brazil without leaving their marks on a train, since they painted trains in almost every part of the world.


They painted 50 walls in Rio ! And you can check it all  on their flickr page !

Hyper ’10 !

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

The brazilian graffiti artist, Hyper stepped up another level, once again !

He used to paint very futuristic images like this one :

Always reflecting about the future of the human kind, the planet, interacting techonology with nature, trying to make us think about the way we live and where we´re going.

He always kept his influence from his dreams, studies, connections, and this time is no different but his works for 2010, the series called ORIGINS, are “a little bit”  different…

So I had a little chat/interview with him to find out: What´s with the whole indian thing ???

Hyper: At the end of the year of 2009 I had a dream, with an indian shaman  talking to me and I couldn´t stop thinking about it…so I bought a book called “Much before 1500” (which is how many years passed since the Portuguses found Brazil, as the history goes)

In the streets of Belo Horizonte city, his hometown.

Miss G : And what did that book say ?

Hyper: The book says that Brazil was the first land ever to exist, that is the birth of all civilizations, about the shamans and their philosophies…

Sculpture made for an art show.

Miss G : What did the shaman tell you on that dream ?

Hyper: He talked about how the humanity evolved technologically and how that kept us away from the truth and made our future what it is today. That mankind had two different futures ahead of us, one with the sight of destruction, as it is happening, and one that would come from the reunion of the nature with the unity spirit of men… a hippie’s dream ! (laughs)

Miss G : How did the dream become art ?

Hyper : I thought it had a lot to do with my artwork. I was going throught a phase when I wasn´t feeling inpired to create. I was blocked. I needed something new.  And my work is about technology so mixing up that with everything I studied, I crazed it up a little  and that´s what it came out… (laughs)

Hyper,Dalata, Nao and Mona (both from Chile)

He’s an incredible artist, really into what he´s doing, he takes his message and his art very seriously, even the more vandal side of it, bombing. He also makes music and sings (you can check it on his myspace page).

Here is him on a rite of energy passing.

Miss G : Did you ever go to a record label ?

Hyper: No… I don´t have that kind of feeling with music or anything… at least for now. I just like doing it! I think is to keep record of my ideas and thoughts in a more artistic way, to share it, exchange of information really. If  at some point it turns out to be more than that is because someone liked it.

Works with Dalata, also from BH city.

Hyper: My intention is to produce, period. You can´t paint all the time so I try to occupy my time with productive things. I like music, I listen to it all day and I keep banging on things, I like writing, to produce a music…just like graffiti, I do it because I like it ! What comes next is consequence.

As before, his paintings were so beatifull and realistic in a way that made us think that the future could be exactly how he painted…and now even thought his influence is from the past he still show us a  future that could be, if everything were different.

Let´s hope and make a better future for ourselves! Keep it green !

Bruno 9Li

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

The brilliant art of Brazilian artist Bruno 9Li.

Untitled (2008)
Acrylic paint and ink on paper
150cm x 55cm

ZN (2008)
Acrylic paint and ink on paper
150cm x 55cm

ZN na Meta (2008)
Acrylic paint and ink on paper
150cm x 55cm

Conquests by Yusk

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Two recent painting from the studio of  Brazilian artist Yusk Imai.

Yusk is part of the LTRHDS exhibition launching in February.


“Careful with your Conquests”




“Wave” Detail in process.

Saber AWR/MSK- “Flag 2010”- Los Angeles Artist

Monday, January 11th, 2010


There is nothing better than watching right wing journos making tremendous fools of themselves.

Just goes to show that you can get political through art without reverting into a self righteous pussy hippy clutching a folder full of George Bush stencils. Saber rules.

Jet Set Graffiti.

Animation by Osgemeos

Monday, December 28th, 2009

I really don´t want to be too reptitive…but whatever they do it´s big news, so here´s the animated video they did for the internacional movie festival in Sao Paulo.


We can be expecting an animated movie by the twin brothers any time soon !

And there´s no doubt it would be awesome!

Great expectations for 2010 !

C-boyz in NAHA NAHA!!

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

C-boyz are go! go!.  site.


OSGEMEOS fever !

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

The most famous , and talented, twin brothers of the street-contemporary-graffiti-art are literally taking over the city…and the world!

These month only they did a show in the Brazilian Museum of Art with the “VERTIGEM” (vertigo) exhibition, they illustrated the international film festival’s posters and billboards and performed one of the most incredible things I´ve ever saw in my life, a show with inflatable giant dolls one of them being a giant yellow big headed guy.

Here are some stuff I found on the net to give you guys a little taste of it all.

The “VERTIGO” show


This is definetely the best exhibition I´ve ever been. Those guys really know how to do it, from the moment you step on the door of the museum you already feel like you´re going into another world. The enviroment they created makes you feel like you´re really inside a parallel universe, their universe. They stepped up another level and brought new sculptures made of metal, new interactive pieces, beautifull canvases and an amazing mural painted on the walls of the museum.

I´ve been to the show 2 weeks in a row and I can´t get tired of it, everytime I find a new detail, a new piece, I discover another part of the world they created inside the museum.

33rd International Film Festival


Not only they designed the art and posters of the festival but they also paticipated on a debate with the art director of the movie Art Inconsequence, which is part of the festival, about street and art.

Check the link for more info.

Plasticiens Volants + Osgemeos

To end the celebrations of the “year of the France in Brazil”  Osgemeos gathered with the french group Plasticiens Volants to perform the show called “O Estrangeiro” (the foreigner). The show had already been presented in Holland, see it here,  in 2008 and now came to Brazil.



The inflatable puppet more than 20mts high was exactly the same character they painted on the side of a building that´s on the same square where the event took place.

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

(There´s a lot of shots on YouTube. This guy, guitarfeak666, seems to shot the whole thing, is very long but worth every second of it !  I filmed it too but I can´t post it yet)

I had tears in my eyes watching this! It was so surreal to see a real character from Osgemeos walking in the middle of the buildings looking like it was about to step on us, like the giant marshmallow monster from “Ghostbusters” ! And not just that but the whole scene, it was a theatrical intervention with a snake, a fly and an owl coming from behind the buildings interacting with the “foreigner” character , and the music, the sounds that seem to be coming out of the sky ! You gotta see it to believe it ! Just brilliant!



Rafael Sliks

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Check this new artwork by Sao Paulo artist Sliks.


Vertigem by Os Gemeos

Friday, October 30th, 2009


More Here.

Miss G

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