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Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The mexican artist  Saner is showing his canvases at POW Gallery in London, as it says on the Juxtapoz Magazine’s website.

He usually paints skulls, blooded figures, dark scenes that’s related to death which is  very much part of the mexican culture.

But is not just on canvas that he express himself and his native culture, he paints on walls too and is an amazing graffiti artist.

Painting in Valencia (Spain).

He´s  also into the toy art and made some very cool ones!

Check more of his works at his flickr.

Banksy, taking out of the streets and putting into the movies.

Friday, February 12th, 2010

The wordly known street artist, Banksy made a movie which is described on its trailer as “The world´s first street art disaster movie”. Seems like a  very funny movie, with lot of street action shots, even if is not successful ones, looks like it will be very fun to watch.

Check out the trailer :


The release is scheduled to March 5th in UK cinemas, and there´s still no news about the release in other areas so far, but you can check all the news about the movie at

Creativity goes a long way ! Keep expanding your horizons!

Blood Oath by French

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Blood Oath bu U.K artist French launched on the 31st at the Archipelago Works. French is a bloody hard artist to search so to save you time, here is his blog. Or Check the work below.


Thom Puckey

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Thom Puckey

A.V. with Knife and RPG-7
Statuaria Marble
65 x 72 x 160 cm

Black Marble
Life size

The Wife of the Alchemist (Madame Flamel)
Statuaria marble, gold leaf, platinum leaf, pinewood.
Life size

Scheldeboulevard, Terneuzen, Zeeuws Vlaanderen.
Height 4,80 meter, width 5 meter, length 4,50 meter.

The exceptional logo work of Roger Dean.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Graduating from the Royal Collage of the Arts in 1968. Roger Dean’s designed the first album cover for Yes in 1971.

The subsequent work of his career, both in logo design and fantasy art set the standard for music and fantasy art, his publishing companies, Paper Tiger and Dragons Dream have in the years released some of the dopest art books across any genre, such as The Flights of Icarus. Here is a collections of highlights from his logo work but I strongly recommend spending some time on Roger Deans website and doing a Google image for his work at highest resolution.

On Deans site there is also some promising information about a sustainable village that he is designing and a film based around the album work he did with yes which looks pretty cool.

Fuck I look forward to the day when i can dedicate myself to something as cool as designing a self contained village.




The classic Psygnosis logo, Roger also went on to design some classic game cover art for the company, including the dope Shadow of the Beast series, during the 8bit period when in game graphics were so basic that the cover art played such an important part of the gameplay experience.


Proof that gradients can be cool.

Shohei Takasaki

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

From Tokyo Japan, artist designer Shohei Takasaki dope work is applied across projects ranging from his personal work to art direction for albums covers as well as Dark Funk Spot, a series of free magazines and alphabet remixes with minori-team mate Washiyo Tomoyuki as well as Love, a live painting project.

Shohei will be launching his latest collection, “splithead” at PLSMIS Gallery in Aoyama on September 12th. More details soon.

Nice will be on the case with shots of the show and artwork, until then check these shots from Shohie’s site.

“We live in city. We live in jungle. It’s time to be drinking.”


Red Hot Mumma
790 x 910 Ink on paper

DJ Baku Dharma Dance Album artwork

Raw Colour

Bozo Skeleton

“This “BOZO SKELETON (aka Stupid Skeleton)” is obviously what a person looks like after death. But BOZO SKELETON handsomely wears a tight suit and a fancy hat, holds a flower, key, gun, pen…and looks in some sense adorable and also cool. It almost seems like he’s trying to do what he wanted to do before he died, and he’s enjoying himself while he whistles in the dark.

You never know when you are going to die in the world today, and you can feel the effort of a human trying to live the life to the fullest through this dead BOZO SKELETON.

This is a story of a departed soul trying to bring back the passion of a normal human being, the passion that living human beings hold.”


A Morning


SheOne & Crash. Pop Crime at Opus Gallery

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Installations and artwork by SheOne rom his latest show along side Crash at Opus Gallery Newcastle.

From Vicinage. SheOnes photo blog which i recommend everyone RSS. And Opus Gallery site.

Midnight Sun

Envy Habour
Nostalgia is Overrated

Miss G

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