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Jagi and I have wrapped up the artwork for this years nation wide lane way festival. Featuring some of the lovable drifters and hangers from Melbourne’s original lane way, haunt and bar St Jeromes.

Paying tribute to Jimbo, and filling the composition with as much wierd shit as we could come up with, here it is. click the image to zoom

Some of the peeps who feature…
The man himself with both hands on the wheel, the party pope, St Jeromes.
Note the cherub hood ornaments excitement.
Regulars to St Jeromes would know the drunken electrician Mr Johny sparks who has spent the better part of a year fitting the same globe and pretty much slacking off as much as the kids who frequent the place. Danny Rogers, the brains behind the festival wears a wrestling mask. Note. Allot of the ideas for this poster we’re formulated while drunk.
Word up to the Totty bros, you fucking rule.
The Monkey.
And whats this? Its the Phibber, chucking up a cheeky throwie.jagi-and-i.jpg
Jagi and I get a gerns as the fish riding Samuri and Ninja.

Censorship! Below is the original version of the hippo, as you can see the reason he’s so happy (he looks like his going to cry tears of joy) is that he’s hanging with two ladies who have mad knockers.
However for the final version the guys wanted us to tone down the titties. We were like “What are you gay?”. But they pointed out that it could be offensive to the ladies in the audience, and proably rightly so, so we toned it down and presto, Job Done.

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