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Geek Chic or Chic Geek?

Pierre Proske

Anyone into sound design or modern art forms wont want to miss Pierre Proske performing at Geek Chic 2.0 this Wednesday night at Loop Bar. The event runs from 5pm till late and Pierre will be performing around 7pm. Free admission.

Pierre Proske is an electronic artist intrigued by the pervasiveness of technology in culture and science and its relationship to nature. His
work involves exposing the unspoken relationships we have with technology and harnessing machines into exploring new aesthetics. He has spent the larger part of the last 4 years in Sweden where he performed, exhibited and obtained a Master of Science in Art and Technology. An experimental electronic music performance using EMG amplifiers that harnesses the electricity produced through muscle contractions in my arms (EMG) to create sound, which is then processed using a patch created with the Pure Data software.(Similar to MAX, MSP on Apple Computers)

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