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Rolling with the guys at Batman’s alley

On the previous visit to SP my good friend and awesome artist Prakrti, did a great job by repainting an old work by him and Enivo, that was ‘attacked’ by one of these crazy pixações that I just don´t get, ‘pixação versus graffiti’ is a non-sense act on MY book, I got to talk with people envolved in some of those pixações and I get their view, don´t agree with it and there´s pretty much nothing we can do about it, I feel sad for works like these but they can still do a new one but works like from NIGGAZ, who´s not ‘here’ anymore, or from Os Gemeos, an old one with a style they don´t do anymore made me cry when I saw…anyways, I had the pleasure to watch the guys in action plus a lot of works in these alley, called the Batman’s alley, don´t ask me why, very well known for its legendary graffitis, and you all too now !

Niggaz’ work…makes me feel so sad to see it now.

Jerry’s new work right beside it.

The words ‘love’ and ‘patience’ writen on the ‘portal’.

…that´s what it takes to be out there.

The great wall by “Ninguém Dorme” ( means “nobody sleeps”)  next to Prakrti and Enivo’s wall.

And on the left side, one of my favorite works from Niggaz.

The Chã Project was there too.

Prakrti and Enivo’s previous work…damaged.

Ready for a new one…

…and here it comes!

Even the Nice Produce showed its face on it and got a piece of the action !!!

Keep rolling !

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